Thursday, August 17, 2017

home grown...

getting ready to leave for orcas island this afternoon.  i picked all of our tomatoes to give to the neighbors.  hopefully there will be lots when we get back!

and the margs were delicious, but i have some frozen pie crust and i see a blackberry pie in our future!

and i took 2 perfect plums from the neighbors when i delivered the tomatoes!  the color on these are so pretty and they are delicous!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

things i learned yesterday...

1 - go to costco in the afternoon, the samples are way better!  and then you may not even have to feed your kid dinner!

2 - sprinklers and the hose count as a bath in summer!
3 -  summer is magical in washington!  i find myself already getting sad at the thought of it ending.  i can feel the nights and mornings getting cooler.  the days are getting shorter and talk about school and halloween costumes and fall decor in the stores!!!!  we spend a good chunk of time outside everyday and we are soaking in every last drop of summer.  i know it's not gone yet, but i can feel it slipping away.  i mentioned it before, but it is worth saying again, my most favorite memories this summer have been the time spent in our yard. 
4 - let them get dirty!  playing in the dirt and with rocks is a sensory play experience.

as we waited for jarad to get home, i enjoyed watering my plants and bowie kept herself busy playing with the dirt and rocks.  she would look over and check in with me, and she would also do the same with wilfred.  i realized that when they say how quickly they grow up, that is an understatement.  i love the little person she is growing into and hope that today she learned some lessons as well.  important things like your mom and dog will always be your best friends and you will always be daddy's girl waiting to greet him when he gets home.  and it's okay to get your hands dirty (or in this case, get everything dirty).  and there is beauty in nature and it heals the soul. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

organization obsession!

i've posted before about my obsession to stay organized and these are the cheapest and easiest way to start!  these sterilite brand shoe box sized containers are perfect!  they are easily available (target, big lots, dollar store, etc.) and are a buck!  i use them for everything!!!  from organizing toys, storing baby manuals, prescriptions, art supplies, make up...the possibilities are endless!

Monday, August 14, 2017

case of the mondays...

sometimes your week starts out with a bad case of the monday blues, only to be cured by your girlfriend texting you "wanna come over for an afternoon playdate?"  which is mom code for wanna come over drink some wine and let the babies play and entertain one another?

had a great time and came home to my husband arriving home moments after us and our neighbors and their grand kids coming up the driveway on their john deere hot wheels.  bowie's eyes lite up and she was excited to go for a ride, while we picked blackberries.  we made black berry margaritas and enjoyed them by the lake with our amazing neighbors.  again, i am reminded that it is the simple things.  it warms my heart that bowie gets to run around in her diaper, get dirty and play with the neighbor kids (grand kids that is).  we are so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors that we call friends and treat us like family.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

my "other" baby...

love this dog so much!  he is my first baby...fur baby that is.  and sometimes he likes to be the only child again and get all of my attention.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

fun little saturday...

jarad left early this morning to head to whistler to ride his bike!  so i had to find some fun stuff for us girlies to do today to keep busy.  we started the morning off with a trip to the farmers market (first time this summer) and then headed over to lake wilderness arboretum.  we had a great time walking through he paths and looking at the beautiful trees and flowers and bowie really enjoyed playing with the rocks.  and speaking of rocks, there is a fun game that we have going on in the community.  people paint rocks and hide them.  the arboretum is a popular place to find them and we found our first rock!  i am feeling inspired to paint and hide some of our own.  then people post the ones they find on facebook and instagram! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

sweet summer...

one of the highlights of summer has been playing in our backyard. bowie can't get enough of picking the tomatoes, eating the neighbors plums, drinking from the hose, playing with the dog and getting dirty. it really is the simple things..