Monday, July 16, 2018

this view!

so hard to get anything done when i have baby snuggles!

space themed water bin...

i thought this one was super cool, but apparently not as fun as the dino wash or pour station.  probably because i whipped this one together super quick and used a lot of our bath toys, so it was not as new and exciting.  but i thought it was a good idea and a fun way to reinvent some of our existing toys.

toys used:

space themed bath toys by elegant baby
bath pipes by boon
rocket ship by green toys brand
suction cup rattler by giggle
crayola water color bath tabs

Sunday, July 15, 2018

dino wash!

bowie is loving her water table outside, so i cleaned up the pour station and we took a bunch of dinosaurs outside for "tubby time."  i put some color in the water, gave her a bottle of soap and a washcloth and let her have fun! 

this was such a big hit she requested it the next day, but we added some rubber duckies into the mix!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

growth chart...

i started this with bowie when she turned a year old and we just recently did her 2nd year foot print.  this is a fun and easy way to track their growth.

Friday, July 13, 2018

bath time!

enjoyed giving this guy a "milk bath" after bowie went down for bed.  he loves the warm water and started to get hungry, so he had a night cap in the tub.  hopefully we will all get some good rest tonight!

liquid gold!!!

this is proof that every pregnancy/baby can have a different breastfeeding journey.  my experience with bowie was extremely difficult, due to my very low milk supply and bowie being a lazy and not very efficient eater.  i had to start supplementing her with my friends breast milk very early on then formula before 3 months, and at 6 months my milk was completely dried up.

this time around i felt nervous about how it would go, and breastfeeding is very important to me.  when ryder was born he immediately was rooting and knew exactly what to do.  it was very painful at first, but we kept at it and he is thriving!  he had a few servings of formula when he was in the hospital with jaundice, but this is all ME!!!  i was never able to build up a stash of milk with bowie and i am slowly able to freeze some servings and always have one or two in the fridge for bottles.

i always believe "fed is best" and support all mothers in how they choose to nourish their babies.  i have done it all and i know the ups and downs it has on us emotionally and physically.

if i don't get anything done today, i can still feel accomplished that i just pumped 7.5 oz in one session!

dancing with ryder!

friday vibes, bob dylan and my babes dancing together!