Sunday, March 18, 2018

family hike...

i may have over estimated my hiking abilities while pregnant, but thanks to super dad for carrying this heavy load and taking the dog!  oh yah and making me eat a snack along the way to keep my sugars up! 

bowie fell asleep shortly after we got in the car to head home and we both took a long afternoon nap!

taking notes...

bowie has been very into "taking notes with pen and paper" this week.  she loves to sit at the table with a pad of paper and pen and markers and "take notes."  it can occupy her for quite some time too.  my mom reminded me of how she used to gather stacks of applications and forms because i liked to do the same thing, but i am sure i was a lot older.  this little one cracks me up!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

cutest toes ever!

i wasn't sure when this day would come, but as she is rapidly approaching 2 years old, bowie is starting to get into girly things.  she likes to compliment that things are "pretty or cute."  and she is wanting to wear "pretty dresses" or "pretty bows" in her hair. 

so this afternoon while she was playing in the tub, i painted my toe nails as tubby time can be over an hour!  well...she was very interested in my "pretty pink nails" and wanted the same!  so of course i painted her toes and they are the absolute cutest!

2nd mini birthday playdate...

yesterday we had another mini birthday play date with our friends from la leche league.  it was a nice group, but a little harder to organize schedules.  the kids all had a great time playing and us moms had a nice time catching up as we rarely are all able to get together at the same time.  we lucked out with the timing again and had the place mostly to ourselves!  bowie has been getting some amazon packages in the mail and we will wait until next week on her actual birthday to open.  and mom and dad are getting her an art easel!  she keeps saying "happy birthday bow bow!" and knows she will be "2 years old!" 

Friday, March 16, 2018

5 year anniversary!!!

people ask you "where do you want to be in five years or ten yeas down the road?"  when i married jarad i would have never guessed we would be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary in washington with one perfect daughter and a little boy on the way in what we consider our dream home!  life is good with this one and i am proud and blown away at the life we have built together. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

holding on....

holding onto every last moment before my baby turns 2 years old next week!  never in my life did i think i would consider 55 degrees warm, but we enjoyed the sunshine at the arboretum today while rock hunting!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

little sponges...

i'm not gonna lie, i woke up today and was just not feeling it.  the weather was cold, i was tired and emotional and just feeling cabin feverish!  i had no plans for the day and i was feeling overwhelmed to come up with something new and exciting for bowie to do.

we ended up having a fun morning playing with play-doh and coloring.  then as i was getting some chicken defrosted for dinner, she went in the play room and was awfully quiet for a few minutes.  when i went in to check on her, i found her playing with her felt board.

the funny thing about her felt board is it is an old toy from my cousins when they were little, so going on 18 years old!  some of the felt figures are teletubbies.  when my mom was here we pulled up some old teletubbie youtube videos and they truly are dumb, but bowie liked them.  so i walked in on her lining up all the teletubbies with the sun and bunny in the background (just like the show).  i was blown away at how her little mind works and how they are sponges soaking up everything!

then she found all the felt people and had them sitting on her mini couch.  she is so funny!  i love watching her play like this!  it made for a fun day after all, i guess i just needed to change my perspective!