Monday, October 16, 2017

macrame monday...

learning a new hobby for winter and i picked macrame.  i have been watching youtube videos on how to make the knots and even found a "beginner" design.  i started the design, but my knots are sloppy and big so i started to run out of cord, so i started to make my own design.  it's not done yet, but this is my first practice piece.  i love the driftwood, picked this up in orcas island.  i can tell this is harder than it looks, so i better get practicing! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

costco PSA...

family trip to costco today, we got our usuals, but we scored a real winner today.  they were giving samples of their chicken pot pie and it was delicious!  they make it with white meat rotisserie chicken and lots of veggies and the crust was amazing.  the thing weighed 5.5 pounds and was $18, and it was good enough to serve for company!  truth be told, chicken pot pie is not my favorite.  it was never something my mom made and the few times i ever had it was frozen.  so i have never had a good one.  so if you find yourself at costco and see these, pick one up for dinner!  i will be getting this again for sure, although they did say it was a seasonal item. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

one year ago...

this weekend last year we moved into our house!  it was an exciting and scary time all in one, but over the last year we have worked hard to make this house a home.  from the moment we pulled into the driveway to check it out with our real estate agent, i think we both knew we finally found the ONE!  we had looked long and hard for this kind of house and our search started years prior when we were looking in california.  this house is everything i never knew i wanted and MORE!  its bones are of a farm house, so by definition it is not perfect, but it is warm, cozy and has lots of character.  when i look back at the last year, we have been busy with house projects, and i have learned there is no such thing as a "little" or "inexpensive" project in this house.  and it always takes longer than expected, but the results are always so worth it!  i love the transformation that occurs with every project to make this house represent more of our style and personality.  here are some of the major work we did over the last year...

~ripped out carpet in office and installed wood floors
~painted office from sage green to a crisp white
~painted the hallway entrance from tan to white
~painted the laundry from a light sea foam green to white
~re-tiled the entry way floor
~stripped the wallpaper and painted the 4th bedroom from lime green to white
~lots of landscaping and maintaining the front yard.  getting rid of burn piles and blackberries
~repaired some rotten siding on the shop
~painted all the window casings in the master bathroom white
~cleaned out and started furnishing the apartment
~cleaned out the garage and shops

future projects we have in mind...

~inside and exterior painting
~remove one of the staircases
~remove the wall on our kitchen island
~possibly bring down the fireplace and wall to make a large great room for an open concept feel
~kitchen remodel (paint or new cabinets and extend island)
~slowly get rid of all carpet and replace with hard wood flooring
~new light fixture in dining room, i want an edison bulb chandelier
~install ceiling fans in the bedrooms
~complete apartment so we can air bnb it

Thursday, October 12, 2017

18 month check up...

this morning we had bowie's 18 month check up!  she did very well, but this was the first time she ever cried, from them taking her temp under the arm to listening to her heart, she did not like the nurse or being on the table.  then of course she had 3 shots which really made her mad. i tried to make up for it by taking her to toddler time after.

the doctor said she has grown "exponentially" since her 1 year check up.  she is 35 1/2 inches tall!  she is very very tall for her age (99 percentile) and she weighed in at 31 pounds, which is 98 percentile.  it is safe to say our little girl is not so little, but she is perfectly healthy. 

my mommy goals after this appointment are to start weaning her off of the bottle, binky and schedule her first dentist appointment soon.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

fall decor...

aren't these insanely beautiful?  this is what my talented mom made!  they are fairy tale pumpkins with succulents from her garden!  they came out so gorgeous, and i am kinda obsessed!  i feel like these would make an amazing centerpiece for thanksgiving dinner and are beautiful enough for a fall wedding!  and they would also be beautiful with white pumpkins!  OMG! so pretty!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

setting holiday expectations...

each year as a parent makes you a little more assertive.  this year i am tying to be proactive with the holiday gift giving and giving some ideas.  don't get me wrong, i appreciate all the gifts, but i'm trying a new approach this year so that we can get things we actually need or could use.  this was my email to the family today...

Hi family,

Starting to think about the holidays, please don't buy for Jarad and I but if you want to get something for Bowie, I put together some ideas on Amazon. Some of her favorite toys these days are Fisher-Price Little People, pretend food, puzzles, books and arts and crafts. She does really well in the Cat and Jack clothing line from Target. She's currently in a size 2T pant, a 3T pajama and a 4T shirt. Please buy big (or include gift receipt) and remember we can wear long sleeves year round here ;-) and that summer doesn't really begin until mid July.

If you prefer an experience type gift, please consider adding to her toddler time punch card which is $3 a visit, or I will be enrolling her in The Little Gym this winter which is $19 a visit. I'm also planning on swim lessons as well.

But please know that gifts are never expected!!! Our most favorite gift is the time spent with family! Our goal is to make holidays less about gift-giving and more about family, traditions, experiences, making memories and giving to those less fortunate.

And if anyone asks you about gift ideas, please feel free to share this email.

Erin & Jarad