Friday, June 15, 2012

happy birthday mom!!!

happy birthday to the best mom deserve to be spoiled like this everyday.  i love you!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

teardrop...13 days in

we are feeling the time crunch of getting the camper finished before our deadline of june 29th.  jarad left yesterday to go back east and won't be back until monday.  so we worked a couple of week nights to get stuff done.  he has also left me a "to-do" list while he is away.  here is the latest...

dad and jarad securing roof
insulation completed and roof finished up until the start of the hatch

partial side panels (covering insulation) complete

testing out the "coziness" factor...
while jarad is gone, i am hoping to get linoleum flooring, patch/sand entire body of trailer, paint (lacquer, prime, paint yellow) and buy mattress.  so far it has been a fun family project, my dad enjoys building with jarad and my mom is liking having us over for dinner all the time.  i can't wait to start working on some of the aesthetic details this weekend and really turn it into a piece of art.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

teardrop...second weekend of building

we had a busy weekend, but put in a full day of work on the trailer on sunday.  here is what's new...

roof is on...

started insulating...

building cabinet by feet for storage/ipad dock/phone charging station...

jarad leaves for a trip this week, so we will put in a couple of nights of work before then, and he will leave me a "to-do" list to complete while he is away.  we have ordered windows, LED lights and wallpaper. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

happy birthday jamie!!!

wishing my favorite little sister an extra special birthday.  you are so loved!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


i made this for my office today and it was a big hit.  sangria is a great drink that can be made with either white or red wine and is perfect as a refreshing summer cocktail. 


~2 bottles red wine
~one bottle sparkling water
~one container cranberry juice
~2 cans ginger ale soda
~4 oz. triple sec liquor
~oranges, apples, lemons, blueberries, and strawberries (cut into bit sized pieces)

goes well with spanish cheese and tapas...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

progress on the camper...

last weekend was primarily spent working on the camper.  while we have been talking about this a lot for several months now, this was the first time actually building.  not only was it fun, but at the end of the weekend we have something that resembles a camper.  here is a timeline of events:

friday 6/1/31:
~register trailer as "utility trailer" at AAA
~bring trailer bed to my parents house (that is where the building is taking place)
~eat an awesome home cooked taco dinner with mom and dad
~go to harbor freight and home depot for lumber and tools

dad and jarad brainstorming in home depot

loading up the truck, this is the last time the camper will be in this many pieces

saturday 6/2/12:
~trip to lowes for more lumber (they have better prices than home depot!)
~make base of camper to rest on trailer bed and seal it (short day of work, we had a birthday party!)

building base of camper
base built and sealed with roof tar

sunday 6/3/12:
~the roof tar has worked great as a sealant and we are now ready to bolt the base to the trailer bed
~jarad cut out the sides and the placement of the door
~sides go up and we start to place the ribs that will create the ceiling of the trailer

sealed base bolted to trailer
sides of trailer cut out
sides are bolted to base and now i am sealing the seams
creating ceiling of camper
here is what about 8 straight hours of labor and a few trips to the hardware store look like...

Friday, June 1, 2012

floral arrangement...

here is a new floral arrangement we have in my office, i really like different colors, shapes, simplicity and textures of it.