Friday, March 28, 2014

happy birthday jarad!!!

happy birthday to my awesome husband who will always be a child at heart... 

every year we celebrate with friends at buffalo wild wings, this year i am surprising jarad with tickets to go see the play "book of mormon" and we will do a chicken wing dinner at home!  33 never looked so good!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

one year wedding anniversary...

wow, where has the last year gone?  today marks our one year wedding anniversary and married life is the best!  i feel so fortunate to have the most amazing partner in life.  this has been a big year for us and looking back we have accomplished a lot!

~got a dog
~jarad started his own business
~we are looking to purchase our first home
~we are trying to start a family
~made some investments

we feel like we have made some big decisions this year and i know that with jarad by my side anything is possible and we make a great team!  here is to many many many many more anniversaries!

Monday, March 10, 2014

celtic sea salt...

i am addicted to salt!  i salt most food before even tasting it.  i know there are health risks to diets high in sodium.  we recently tried grey celtic salt at jarad's uncles house and were surprised to find that using this salt has great health benefits.  we ordered a bag right away and use it in place of our regular sea salt. 

we bought a one pound bag on for around $6 and it seems a little wet, so you have to bake out the water before using.  i put it on a cookie sheet and in the oven on low heat until it was dried out.  we store it in a salt box by the stove and use as we would with normal salt.  now you can have your salt and eat it too (without the guilt or negative side effects)

Saturday, March 8, 2014


i am definitely a creature of habit and change is always hard for me.  i am learning to embrace it and try not to fear the unknown and waste energy on things i have no control over.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i fought the law...

i recently got a traffic ticket for an illegal left hand turn.  i had to pay the fine of $238 but decided i had nothing to lose to try to fight my ticket with the "trial by declaration" process.  this means you must pay your fine first and then fill out paperwork with your side of the story as to why you are "not guilty" and mail it to the court.  in turn the cop must also fill out paperwork with his or her side of the story.  if the cop does not do their part with the paperwork, your ticket is dismissed, you are found "not guilty" and they will refund your money!  this means no points on your driving record and no traffic school needed.

apparently cops make overtime for court appearances, but do not get paid overtime for doing paperwork, so it is always good to do a trial by declaration and hope you have a lazy cop.  and even if you are found "guilty" once your trial by declaration has been submitted you can still have the option of going to court and fighting it in front of  a judge.

some people are of the mindset that if you broke the law you should just own up and pay for your mistake, but i am under the mindset that it is always worth fighting.  i did make an illegal left hand turn, but i argued that the signs were small and poorly placed, and i also did my research in the DMV handbook that said left hand turns over double lines are OK if you are turning into a driveway (which i was).  as i was doing research on this, i came across something that read "if you are guilty argue the facts, if you are not guilty argue the law"...that is exactly what i did and "i fought the law and ERIN won!"

cops 0 erin 1

Sunday, March 2, 2014

fridge jam...

i love strawberry jam and i found this really easy recipe using chia seeds as the binder in place of pectin.


2 cups strawberries
2 T raw honey
2  T chia seeds

how to:

put all ingredients in blender until desired consistency, and put in mason jar in fridge (this recipe was enough for 2 small mason jars).  the chia seeds will gel which will cause the fruit puree to thicken into jam.

this jam is not quite as thick as i am used to, but it is still thick enough for toast, and would be good swirled into some greek yogurt.  i had it on top of my pancakes this morning with some chocolate chips for a very special treat.