Thursday, July 31, 2014

dog tag...

for all of you "breaking bad" fans, check out wilfred's new custom dog tag.  "barking bad" as we call it...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

love notes...

this is how wilfred and i send love notes to jarad when he has a rough day...

did i mention google hangouts is pretty cool?


this is my favorite thing to wake up to, even more so than coffee!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

happy birthday dad!!!

happy birthday to the worlds greatest dad!!!  your girls love you so much!  xo

turkey lettuce cups...

i am really enjoying testing new recipes for low carb meal options.  this one i made last week and it was so good, i will be putting it into my normal weeknight dinner rotation!


1 1/2 lb. ground turkey
1 zucchini (grated)
1/2 onion (finely chopped)
1/2 bag trader joes broccoli slaw (it has carrot, broccoli and bean sprouts in it)
1/4 cup soyaki marinade (this marinade has ginger, garlic, sesame seeds in a teriyaki base)
2 T fresh ginger (optional)
1 t red pepper flakes (optional)
head of iceberg lettuce
green onions to garnish

how to:

in a large fry pan saute all veggies together until almost done.  add turkey and cook until the meat is no longer pink in color.  add soyaki and green onions, and save some to garnish on top. 

carefully peel leaves from the iceberg lettuce to act as shells to hold your turkey/veggie filling.  spoon some of the mixture into lettuce cups and eat like a taco.  they are just as good as any you will get in a chinese restaurant.

***try adding water chestnuts for extra crunch, celery or diced peanuts or cashews.  and the leftover turkey mixture is great in scrambled eggs the next day***

Monday, July 21, 2014

music...milky chance

this song is my new obsession.  i have probably listened to it over 50 times in the last 2 days!  it is so good!

"stollen dance", by milky chance...

hope you love this one as much as i do!

Monday, July 14, 2014

green eggs and turkey...

we eat a lot of curry, mostly because i love thai food and it is a good option on my diet.  i make green curry all the time and we also order out as well.  here is jarad's new favorite way to eat his leftover green curry...with eggs and turkey.  i heat up sliced deli meat turkey and the leftover curry in a fry pan and them mix in 3 eggs and scramble it all together...he loves it!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

root beer pork...

this recipe makes the best pulled pork sliders on sweet rolls!  it is simple and if you like the flavor of root beer, this is sure to be a hit!  you can always substitute root beer with your favorite soda, i am sure coke or dr. pepper would work well too. (thanks to our good friend josh for this awesome recipe!)


3 lb pork shoulder roast
24 oz. bottle of root beer or favorite soda
1 t red pepper flakes
salt and pepper to taste
1 bottle of your favorite bbq sauce (i like a sweet and spicy one)
24 sweet rolls for sliders (kings hawaiian  makes great one)

how to:

put pork roast in crock pot with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes,  pour root beer in crock pot and turn onto low heat for 7-8 hours.  shred pork and drain off most of liquid.  add in bbq sauce and combine.  serve on sweet rolls for some kick ass pulled pork sliders.

Friday, July 11, 2014

mind blown...

do you love mangos, but hate cutting them and peeling the skinoff?  i have not tried this mehtod myself, but this seems absolutely brilliant!

run the skin of the mango along a glass to easily peel flesh away. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

zucchini pasta...

pasta is one of my most favorite indulgences!  although i don't eat it often to begin with, i am missing it on my low carb diet.  my sister came across this fun kitchen gadget to make pasta out of zuchinni and got one for my mom, and she loved it so much, she got one for me too!

by simply placing the zucchini inside of the cone shaped device and turning in a clockwise motion, you have instant veggie pasta strands.

my only complaint is that you waste a couple of inches of the zucchini but next time i will grate the ends so i can cook it up.  i sauteed these veggie pasta strands with some olive oil, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper for a few minutes.  then topped with my favorite marinara sauce and some frozen trader joes turkey meatballs.  and of course, plenty of parmesan cheese and fresh basil!  i was pretty surprised at how delicious it was, even jarad enjoyed it!  it was satisfying, healthy and low carb!  i will definitely be making this more often, and this is one pasta dish you don't have to feel guilty for eating.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

let go...

i have to work at this everyday, but i have gotten better.  i have a great fear of the unknown, but i am slowly learning to enjoy the ride...

Monday, July 7, 2014

healthy oils...

part of my new healthy lifestyle includes using the appropriate healthy oils to cook with.  i am a big fan of olive oil, but i have been advised not to cook with it, but only to use it for salad dressings and to drizzle on top of food.  olive oil at high temps will turn rancid.  so, the recommendations for healthy cooking oils are coconut oil and butter.

coconut oil is slightly sweet and has the subtle taste of coconut, so i don't find it to be the best oil to use for certain kinds of cuisine.  i do love it in thai food, stir fry and of course my power pancakes!  and who doesn't love butter?  of course all good things (and tasty things) in moderation. you can also chose to use clarified butter as well, which is the milk fat rendered from butter to separate the milk solids and water from the butterfat.  you can buy clarified butter from trader joes or even make your own.  if you make your own, you melt the butter which allows the components to separate.  clarified butter is sometimes preferred because it has a higher smoke point and has a longer shelf life than fresh butter. 

my mom came across a great website that gives more information on healthy oils, please check it out here

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

acupuncture - month 1...

i recently started going to get acupuncture treatments about a month ago for fertility reasons, along with insomnia and anxiety.  i was shocked that the acupuncturist spent over 3 hours during my consultation, really getting to know me and learning about my symptoms.  i am terrified by needles and am known to faint.  but the needles are so small and you hardly feel them go in.  once in, you sometimes feel a tingly sensation or your stomach will growl, these are good signs that they are working the way they are supposed to.  the treatment itself is very relaxing, and many people often fall asleep (i am not there yet), and post acupuncture is followed by a "massage" which is a little mis-leading, it is actually "cupping" with is suction cups on the back to promote blood circulation and healing. 

after spending so much time in my initial consultation, i learned a few really helpful things from my acupuncturist, that i am incorporating into my daily routine.

1. chinese herbs have great benefits!  i didn't think i would turn into this person, and i went into this skeptical, but the proof is in the pudding (or whatever they say).  currently i am on a combination of 3 chinese herbs that are working to help make me feel more balanced, calm and lower my body heat.  they have a very subtle effect, but each dose builds upon the one before and then after a week or two of taking them, you realize how great you feel.  it is not a quick fix, but they have a very calming effect over time.

balance: 3 in am 2 in pm, calm: 2 in am 3 in pm, verdant: 2 in am 1 in pm

2. the importance of diet and regulating your blood sugar levels!  i am a carbaholic, and i am learning the impact high levels of carbs have on your body.  when you eat a lot of bread, rice and pasta (like i do), these carbs turn into sugar.  when you need energy, your body goes to burn the sugar, because you have such an excess of it instead of burning fat, like you are supposed to.  i am currently reading a book that was recommended for me to read, it's called "it starts with food", and it will give you lots of information on how to create a healthy relationship with food.

it's been suggested to me that i eat animal protein at every meal and lots of vegetables.  i am working hard to change my eating habits and some things are easier to eliminate than others.  i haven't had bread or pasta in over 3 weeks, so that is a big accomplishment in itself for me!  i am also working hard to regulate my blood sugar levels.  a couple of things that can help with this is to eat small meals or snacks every couple of hours, and also to incorporate cinnamon into your diet.  cinnamon is known to have many health benefits, you can read more about it here

i like putting cinnamon in my coffee, yogurt or on toast with peanut butter (not low carb diet approved).  but get one teaspoon in everyday for a better mood and more even blood sugar levels.

3.  be open to eastern medicine.  my acupuncturist seems to know more about fertility and the reproductive system than my own OBGYN does.  in fact, she has caught some red flags in medications that have been prescribed to me.  she is such a wealth of knowledge and has great ideas and suggestions.  i will go into further detail in another blog post.  i was hesitant to start this kind of treatment, but i am enjoying it and look forward to my weekly appointments.  the changes i have made and listed above have helped me to sleep better at night, stay calm and lessen my stress level and maybe even lose a few pounds.  i finally feel like i have someone on my team!