Friday, October 31, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

music...kings of leon

don't you love when you rediscover a song from your favorite band?  a couple of weeks ago my sister and i went to the hollywood bowl to see kings of leon.  this was my 14th time seeing them and they put on a good show.  in fact they even brought out chris martin from coldplay to sing one of my all time favorite songs with them.  but they played this song and it was never one of my favorites until just recently


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

love is...working out together

my "love is" for the week is working out together!

i told jarad that i need to work out harder and more efficiently, so he has been exercising with me everyday for the last 4 days.  he is teaching me new things and encouraging me every step of the way.  his positive attitude and guidance are motivating and helping me to feel stronger!

and if that is not love, he also makes me a post workout smoothie for my ride into work!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


my new favorite go to dinner is a scramble.  i love breakfast for dinner and this is easy, satisfying, low carb and delicious!!!

i have been making them so frequently, i actually prep all my veggies at the beginning of the week, so i can just whip them up for dinner even faster!


handful of chopped onion
handful of chopped red and green bell pepper
handful of sliced mushrooms
3-4 pieces of deli turkey chopped
5-6 jarred jalapenos (or to taste)
green scallions for garnish
cheddar cheese to taste
3-4 eggs

how to:

in a fry pan, saute onions, peppers and jalapenos until tender, then add turkey and warm through.  crack your eggs in a bowl and mix (you can add a bit of water or milk if you like), and pour into pan.  add your cheese as the eggs cook and scramble all ingredients together. 

Monday, October 13, 2014


coconut seems to be the new superfood and it is one that my acupuncturist encourages me to eat.  its a good thing i like it, so i have been experimenting with lots of different coconut products, it is good for both beauty and health!  here are some of my favorite coconut products, most of which can be found at trader joes.

i love using the coconut milk for thai cooking, check out my green curry recipe!  and the coconut oil is good for asain stir frys (it can be a little on the sweet side) and especially in pancakes!  i also love coconut water, especially the brand zico, which is known to promote electrolyte balance and has important vitamins and minerals, not to mention very hydrating.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


my new favorite refreshing treat is a smoothie that jarad came up with, it is strawberry frozen lemonade!


1 cup greek yogurt
1 cup frozen strawberries (frozen fresh or organic are best - no added sugar)
1/2 packet of diet lemonade (individual size)

how to:

throw all ingredients into your blender and add water until you get the desired consistency.  it is creamy, tangy and refreshing, but best of all you don't have to feel guilty about drinking it!

***add chia seeds for some extra health benefits***

Friday, October 10, 2014

love is...

for the past 5 + years i have been cutting out the "love is" comic from the los angeles times and taping it in my daytimer.  it makes me realize that love is all around us and is shown in the simplest of ways.  i am going to start documenting my own version of love is, i think this is also a great way to show gratitude and appreciation for the little things we often take for granted.