Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

best medicine...

feeling a little under the weather today, but nothing beats puppy cuddles and laughter to make you feel better.  this is a rare moment since wilfred usually only cuddles jarad.  love my wilfred so much!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

wilfred's 2 year anniversary!

two years ago, we set out to rescue the perfect dog for us.  jarad wanted an english black lab that is goofy and a loyal companion.  i wanted a small, scruffy dog who likes to cuddle and preferably with an under bite.  we ended up with the cutest black and white scruffy dog, who likes to cuddle (only jarad) and loves adventure - biking, hiking and camping.  needless to say he is the perfect fit for our family and he is SOOOOO loved!  he has blossomed into the the funniest, sweetest and most loving companion and he makes us laugh and smile everyday!  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


i love avocados!  i love them in salads, on burgers, in smoothies, but lately i love them on their own!  our new favorite dinner has been fajita style chicken and onions with a half of an avocado (with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and salt and pepper).  i just saute onions and marinate chicken in hot sauce and taco seasoning, and i don't serve it with tortillas to cut back on carbs.

avocados also have a lot of health benefits!  here are a few...

~they are a good source of vitamin B, E, C and K
~they have more potassium than a banana
~they are a good source of heart healthy fats
~a 3.5 ounce serving has 7 grams of fiber
~they can lower your cholesterol
~high in antioxidants that support eye health

we also love avocado on top of turkey tacos wrapped in lettuce leaves or asain style lettuce cups!  and wilfred also loves avocado...i give him a couple of bites when i cut them, i like to think it is good for his coat.

Monday, May 11, 2015

tips to stay on track while vacationing...

we just got back from a beautiful week in playa del carmen, mexico!!!  we returned to the resort where we had our honeymoon, and we had the best time!  when we went the first time i thought we were in heaven, but the resort had made many improvements since the last time we were there, making the vacation even better if possible.  they had really spent a lot of time and money to improve their evening shows, all of their bars had live music every night and all the rooms have wifi.  unfortunately we didn't take too many pictures because we had took so many the first time and to be honest we spent most of our time in the water (either diving, snorkeling, in the ocean or just lounging in the pool at the swim up bar).

staying at an all inclusive resort where there are large buffets, snack bars, 24 hour room service, and bars everywhere, can be a little overwhelming when trying to stay healthy.  i am proud of myself for maintaining my fitness goals while on vacation without feeling the least bit deprived.  here are a few tips to stay on track on vacation...

1~ stay hydrated.  this is important all the time, but especially if you are traveling to a warm destination.  if you are dehydrated your body confuses the signals making you believe you are hungry.

2~ bring snacks!  if you are sight seeing during the day or out and about, pack a few healthy snacks in your backpack.  i would always carry some kind bars and quest bars with me on the plane and during activities.  or grab some fresh fruit from the hotel to have with you.

3~ stay away from sugary drinks.  it is so tempting to sit on the beach with a pina colada and enjoy the scenery, but many of these blended drinks are made with syrups and are not fresh.  they have a ton of sugar and lots of empty calories.  i would drink tequila with soda water and lime or you can substitute vodka.  they are refreshing and your body will thank you for not overdoing it on sugar and helping to prevent a nasty hangover.

4~ buffets can be trouble because with all those choices we want to try everything!  do a walk through of the buffet to see what they have and make a plan.  start with a small plate and sample the things you want.  try to load up on salad, veggies and protein, but allow yourself to taste what you want.  when it came to dessert, they would have a lot of individual sized sweet treats which are perfect for sharing.

5~ stay active!  although it might not be your normal work out routine, try to get some physical activity in everyday.  our resort had a beautiful gym and lots of classes to chose from (kickboxing, yoga on the beach, boot camp, etc.).  we also went running one day and i did an "aqua fit" class in the pool some mornings.    by staying active this will help ease you back into your routine when you get back home.

6~  get good rest.  when we are sleep deprived we tend to crave foods that are higher in fat and sugar.  when we eat these kinds of foods for breakfast we want them the rest of the day.  so get a good nights sleep and start your day with a nutritious and well balanced meal.

7~ most importantly enjoy yourself!  everyday i make food and fitness choices that either help to support my goals or go against them.  but overall i have many more successes than fails, so it is all about balance and having fun while doing it!

here is an article from the "tone it up" website on how to "bounce back" when you get off track, it is a good read, so check it out here


Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy mothers day!

happy mothers day to all the special ladies in my life, especially my mother who is a tower of strength, wisdom and beauty!!!  hope you had a wonderful weekend full of celebrating YOU!  love you so much!

 i won the "in law lottery" and can't wait to celebrate in person with my beautiful mother in law bonnie when she visits in a couple of weeks!  love you!