Friday, January 29, 2016

starting to explore!

yesterday was the first day i really got out of the apartment and had a good day.  my energy is still low and i didn't even have time to take a nap!  there was no rain and wilfred and i went on a long walk on the bike path by the apartment.  it parallels a river and is a great flat path for us to walk on.  then i had my first prenatal massage, which was excellent!  the spa was located in our local shopping complex called "kent station," which is less than 2 miles from the apartment.  i walked around to check out the shops and restaurants there. 

when i got back fully relaxed from my massage, i had intended on taking a nap, but jarad asked if i wanted to come down to his office for a tour!  i immediately got in the car and headed to his new office, which is AWESOME!  i got there by 5pm and the place was mostly cleared out, by the end of my visit (around 6pm) the place was nearly empty.  they seem to have found a great work/life balance there!  we came home, made dinner and took wilfred for a walk while we checked out the amenities in the complex.  we have a great heated indoor pool and jacuzzi and work out room.  now that i am feeling better, i think swimming may feel really good on my body.

very excited that today is friday and the weekend is upon us! i am looking forward to house hunting with our real estate agent tomorrow and getting to explore our new city with jarad (and wilfred).  our stuff arrived at storage, so we will be picking up our important stuff today, which also happens to include jarad's bikes, just in time so he can get a ride in this weekend.  i have been researching fun things to do in the area and 2 that i really want to do is 1 - go the space needle for dinner or at least the observatory 2 - check out tree house point (they give tours and you can also rent them out!) 

i am surprised and impressed with myself at how i am adjusting this week, even being sick.  it is not easy and i have had my moments of tears and frustration, but one thing i have been doing is wearing my grandmothers ring.  i found it over summer while painting a room at my parents house and asked my mom if i could have it.  it was her mothers ring and it may sound silly, but wearing it reminds me to channel the strength of all the positive women in my life.  it also reminds me that they are never far away. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

2 months to go!

the countdown to baby berk is on, 60 days to go (if she is on time)!  this pregnancy has flown by and i know we have a lot to figure out in our new home state, so the next two months will go just as quickly!  to celebrate, this mama will be getting her first prenatal massage today, after the move and being sick, i think i need it! we are all waiting for your arrival sweet bowie rae!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

temp housing...

it's nothing special, but clean, close to work and comfy!  the complex itself has really nice amenities.  i have yet to use them since being sick, but i fully plan on it by the end of the week.  they have a beautiful heated indoor pool and jacuzzi (for jarad) and gym.  there is also a flat walking path right outside, jarad has gone running on it, but i'd like to take wilfred for walks on it.   i am glad i packed our own blankets and some small pics to make it feel more comfortable.  it is fully furnished so it has everything we need.  so let me welcome you to our "home" for the next 30 days, while we try to figure out  more permanent housing.

living room!  

dining room and kitchen entrance

full kitchen

full size washer and dryer down the hall


dresser on other side of bedroom

walk in closet


unexpected surprises...

this is my first time living outside of california, and although i am still not well enough to fully explore my new surroundings, i have found some things quite different from the get go...

~gas is $2.00 and under at some places!!!  i am used to paying top dollar for gas and this is one change i will gladly take.

~we get less daylight here.  it is end of january and the sun rises at approximately 7:45am and goes down around 5pm.  a little less daylight then i am used to.  i am indifferent to this change, but wilfred on the other hand doesn't get out of bed in the mornings until 9am!  he prefers to stay warm and cozy under the blankets.

~the trader joes in kent, washington is amazing!  i went around 2:30pm in the afternoon and no one was there!  it looked brand new and probably had more staff than it did customers.  i am used to having to get there right when it opens to beat the lines and crazy customers.  i stocked up on all my favs which made it feel more like home.  for those of you who know me well, not having a trader joes near by is a deal breaker for me!

~it doesn't rain here as much as you would think!  it hasn't been a week yet, but i am paying close attention to the weather.  so far we have had one day of rain and a couple of mornings where it was drizzly, but it cleared up by late morning.

~i have yet to experience traffic here.  jarad's commute to work from our temp apartment is probably about 7 minutes.  this is a very welcomed change!

~mt. rainier is the most amazing sight to see!  right now it is covered in snow but every time i see it i am in complete disbelief of how big and beautiful it is!  it truly looks unreal!

~fred meyers is pretty cool!  it is a grocery store meets target and kohls!  oh yah and it also has a garden department and tools (i think).  the store is huge and has everything you need for one stop shopping.  we have been to 2 different ones so far.  jarad got a few flannel shirts and some new wind shield wipers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the big move!

the decision to move has been the hardest one i have ever had to make!  it is one that comes with a lot of sadness, guilt and on the flip side excitement and sense of adventure.  this is a decision we made last spring and it has felt unreal and like a dream.  we have planned, organized and prepared, but you have no idea how it will all turn out until you are in the thick of it.  all and all i would say that it was a pretty easy and we didn't have to do much, and the drive wasn't too bad either.  so here is what has been going on the last week.

tuesday january 19th - packers come to box up our house!

kitchen boxes!

master bedroom boxes!

guest room boxes!

living room boxes!

wednesday jan 20th - moving truck comes to take the boxes, jarad's truck is picked up by a tow truck to be shipped to washington and we clean the house and return keys to landlord.  last family dinner at my parents house with one of our favs, fried chicken and waffles!

we also had to make sure we had all the important documents and valuables we didn't want to go in the moving truck put aside for the car ride.  we were able tag some baby stuff as "first out" so we can get it right away when the moving truck gets to washington, that way no matter what our housing situation is, we will have our important baby items ready to go (the car seat, stroller, clothes, pack n play and some nursing items)

take in car box!

thursday jan 21st - day 1 of drive.  our goal was to make it out of california and to oregon.  we left my parents house at 6am and had some traffic, but we got oregon by 6pm.  i slept most of the ride, i was exhausted, and i had to pee every hour or so.  wilfred was a great travel buddy and jarad did a good job driving!

that night we made it to medford, oregon, which is right on the border.  we found a pet friendly hotel and had a sushi dinner, and called it a night.

friday jan 22nd - we left medford and had about a 6 hour drive to lacey, washington, where we stayed with our good friends for two nights.  the drive was easy and short.

we got thai food take out on friday night and it felt good to not be driving and hanging with good friends.  did i also mention they have the cuttest baby!  then Saturday we went to the RV show at the tacoma dome.  we had a blast checking out RVs, trailers, 5th wheels and airstreams.

sunday jan 24th - we left our friends house after lunch and drove about 40 minutes to our apartment.  we unloaded the car and unpacked.  then we went to the grocery store for food and some cleaning items.  unfortunately i came down with a bad cold and started to feel really yucky. 

monday jan 25th and tuesday jan 26th - i have been sick and not doing much at all.  i am starting to get a little better, and i plan on blogging about all our adventures and exploring in washington!  jarad is loving his new job so far and i think he is at a great company!

Monday, January 25, 2016

30 weeks!!!

this has been my hardest week yet!  i feel big, tired, uncomfortable, bad acid reflux and to top it all off i got sick!!!  let me start off by saying that moving at 30 weeks pregnant is not easy, no matter how little you do.  it has been wearing on me physically, mentally and most of all emotionally.  i am glad to be on the other side of the move and with the hard stuff behind us, but now starts a big adjustment for me and a new routine.  it will be nice to get some normalcy back into my life.  last week was a busy one, we had the packers come, the movers, shipped jarad's truck and then hit the road.  the drive was not as bad as i would have thought it would be, it took us 1.5 days to get here, but come sunday night, i was feeling like crap.  it is not surprising, since i have been around a lot of sickies lately and i have yet to get sick in this pregnancy.  so now that the hard part is behind us, i guess it is my turn to get sick and probably a sign telling me to SLOW DOWN!  i have also read about the "30 week slump," where your body starts to get more and more tired as it gets bigger.  i'd have to say i have experienced this first hand. 

my scale is packed away, so i am not sure what my weight gain this week is, but i hear that the baby should be gaining a 1/2 pound a week up until she is born.  i'm guessing that my weight should be up 1-1.5 pounds as usual, but i won't be able to update you until i get my scale back.  i have been getting a lot of foot and toe cramps.  not sure if it is my shoes, but i try to drink a lot of water and make sure i have enough salt and electrolytes.  my acid reflux/heart burn is terrible!  i might break down and start to take the prevacid.  since i am sick, i have been spending a good part of the day in bed, and laying down is never good for my heartburn.  i have been popping zantac and tums daily, but they don't seem to be doing the trick.  i also have read that you produce more saliva when you are pregnant, i am not sure why, but i have been drooling a lot (mostly on my right side) when sleeping, gross i know!  but it is one of those weird pregnancy symptoms that is kicking in.  although i don't have swelling or pain, being on my feet for a long time is getting harder and harder.  and sometimes at night i get restless leg syndrome where my legs can't keep still and go to bed like the rest of my body craves.  that is the end of my complaining, but being sick and pregnant is no fun at all.  there are very few medications i can take to control the symptoms and they really don't work well.  i hope this is a short lived sickness, so i can get out of the house and start exploring!

weekly milestones...

~baby weighs approx 3.5 pounds and is about 18 inches long
~about 16 fluid ounces of blood are flowing  through the wall of the uterus to the site of the placenta
~baby's ears are developed enough to recognize other family members voices
~baby's lanugo (protecting and warming hair) is starting to fall off
~baby's brain is growing rapidly
~hair on baby's head is growing thicker (maybe this is the reason for my heart burn or is it an old wives tale?)
 ~fluid is present in the air sacs in the lungs to help with the first breath of air at birth

sorry for the terrible pic, this is what 30 weeks pregnant and very sick looks like after a big move in a new apartment!

baby is the size of a cucumber!

Monday, January 18, 2016

29 weeks!!!

we are 75% cooked!  time is flying by and we are preparing for our washington move next week!  we have been been busy wrapping up at work, seeing family and friends and having going away parties/baby showers.  everyday i write myself a to do list, so i can see my progress and what i need to get accomplished.  i have been doing good and thank god that i don't have to do any packing, the movers will be taking care of everything!  i am a bit nervous to see how i do with the long drive to our new home state, but we plan on stopping every couple of hours.

i had a doctor appointment this week and everything is looking good!  my belly was measuring at 29 cm (again anything + or - 3 of your week of pregnancy is considered normal), so that was right on track.  baby's heartbeat was 150 beats per minute and my weight gain in on track as well.  i asked my doctor if there is anything else i can do for my heartburn and she recommended prevacid 15 mg everyday.  i got some at the drug store but haven't started taking it yet, as you have to take it daily for it to work properly.  one night this week it was so bad it kept me up most of the night and still had me sick the next day.  i've noticed that it is not always food related, but can come out of nowhere.  the zantac still works well, but on the rare occasion that it is really bad (as it was during the week) it didn't cut it.  i am also continuing to take tums and i also broke down and bought milk of magnesia (yuck!).

a big project of mine was to track down my doctors records and get them sent to my new potential doctor in washington to review.  i was so happy that she called me back a couple of days later to schedule an appointment!  i will have my first appointment with my new doctor on february 5th, so i will have no lapse in coverage, which is a relief!

this last week has been busy as i mentioned, we have had dinners or parties every day or night.  so it is hard to tell whether it is the pregnancy or doing too much or a combo of both, but i have been extremely tired!  i have had a couple of days that i was able to take a nap, and i fell into a deep sleep.  and now that i am done with work, i don't feel like i have to follow a sleeping schedule.  so i have been going to bed late and waking up late (well later than normal).  but if i stop and listen to my body, i know it is telling me to slow down.  that is one thing i will be looking forward to when we arrive in washington is that for the last 2 months of my pregnancy i can focus on me and baby and taking the time i need to rest and relax.

weight gain this week = 1 pound
total weight gain = 14.5 pounds

baby is as big as an acorn squash!
weekly milestones...

~baby is about 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds
~baby's brain is now in charge of maintaining body temperature and controlling breathing
~baby's irises can now respond to light by dilating and contracting
~internal organs are maturing and preparing themselves to function at birth
~uterus is about 4 inches above belly button
~baby's growing white fat deposits under skin and her energy is surging because of it

Friday, January 15, 2016

go time!

wow, we will be leaving california to start our new adventure in washington in 6 short days!  it's amazing to me that we have been talking about this for the last 8-9 months and now our dream is becoming a reality.  the decision to move has been the hardest thing i have had to do.  southern california is and will always be my home, and more importantly my family is here!  we both have good jobs and an amazing group of friends.  it seems crazy to be 7.5 months pregnant and move out of state!  i keep telling myself "people do this all the time" but it is not an easy process and through this journey there have been jems of wisdom from family and friends that i try to channel to ease my stress.  here are some of them that i want to share with you...

~a good family friend moved from southern california to las vegas for the chance to retire and buy their dream home.  they had 2 sons that stayed at "home" in so cal and i remember him telling me "if you build it they will come."  and sure enough all these years later, we all come and visit them in vegas!  they do a lot of traveling and are able to see their sons and friends.  they love their lifestyle and i don't think they would change a thing.

~my best friend recently went through some health issues and she is learning how to manage her new lifestyle.  i admire her strength and positive attitude and she defines it as her "new normal."  i know that we will find our new normal being away from my family.  i know it will come with separation anxiety and growing pains, but with time we will get into a routine and thank god for technology!

~my dear friend sent me a text this week that was very uplifting and encouraging, it read "the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting  the old, but on building the new."  once we get up there and get settled i will focus the house hunt and the arrival of baby berk!  these are the things that fill me with excitement as we make this new town our home.

~jarad's cousin was telling me that she is a worrier just like i am.  she said her husband tells her "worrying is like a rocking chair.  it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere."  one of my goals this year is to have less worry and anxiety.  worrying takes up too much time and energy and i want to put that energy towards a more positive goal.  i've found during the move that i know it is impossible for me not to worry, but i can be more proactive about it and i have done that through writing things down and lists and more lists!  it feels good to see what i have accomplished and plan out my days instead of being flustered (which i still am, i partially blame the pregnancy). 

~most importantly my family has been so supportive and understanding of our choices.  this won't be easy on any of us, but i know (and they know) it is for the betterment of our family.  we all keep referring to it as a journey and adventure, and those words bring excitement.  i don't know what lies ahead, but i know it will be awesome!  "change is good" is my motto for 2016!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 vision board...

last night was our first wine night in the new year (and unfortunately my last) and it was a fun and creative one.  we all brought materials (magazine, scrapbooking paper, stickers, markers, etc.) to create our vision/goal board for 2016!  of course this is "wine night" so we had plenty of food and drinks to go with it.  not only do i love these girlies, but it is fun to do something together that encourages positive changes for one another as well as goal setting.

my goals for the new year seem to be based around a few main ideas...

~a happy healthy family, focusing on having a mindset of simplicity, gratitude and relaxation
~a new home
~staying fit, eating well and getting back into shape after the baby
~lots of outdoor exploring
~taking on new hobbies like gardening and knitting and of course my fav one of all, cooking!

here are all of our dream boards laid on out the kitchen table and a close up of my own!

Monday, January 11, 2016

28 weeks!!!

wow, this has been a crazy week!!! i wrapped up my last day of work and had my family baby shower!  the best surprise of all was my mother in law flew in last thursday to surprise me!  she was here for the shower and we got to spend 3 fun filled days with her.  surprises like that, remind you that there are only a few important things in life; family, friends and to love and be loved!  my oldest and dearest friend threw the baby shower for me at her beautiful cafe, it was a sit down tea party with all the goodies (finger sandwiches, pastries, and individual tea pots for everyone).  it was a perfect day to celebrate mom and baby!

this week, i have been feeling good, still getting heart burn/acid reflux a few times a week, but i am able to easily control it with zantac.  my sleep has been off, i have so much on my mind with the move that it makes it hard to turn off my brain when laying down.  i usually have no trouble falling asleep, but will wake up around 2am with an on going mental list of all the things i need to get done or still to do.  it is exhausting!  i feel like i am running out of time to do everything and see everyone!  this upcoming weekend we have a going away/baby shower for our close friends.  so i have that to look forward to!  i have been focusing on securing my new doctor and hospital in washington for the remainder of my prenatal care and labor.  it was a process to acquire my records in a timely manner from my current doctor and get them sent to my new doctor to review.  hopefully that will all be sorted in the next few days. i was also able order a breast pump through my insurance this week and get it shipped!  they can cost you anywhere from $300-$400 out of pocket, but i reached out to my insurance to see if i was eligible, and i was!!!  so i registered for a few accessories for it, but it was covered in full.  it always feels good to know that i saved money and that i am fully taking advantage of what my health benefits have to offer. 

the baby gifts have been arriving over the last couple of weeks.  i am excited that we have all the big stuff we will need; car seat, stroller and pack n play.  we also were lucky to grab my cousins old crib and changing table from my aunt and uncle.  i wish i knew where we were going to live in washington so i could get excited to decorate the nursery.  i have chosen to do a "alice in wonderland" themed nursery, based off of the lewis carroll book (not disney).  i have always been obsessed with that movie and i love and admire the curiosity of alice (hence my blog name "curiouser and curiouser").  i have framed some black and white pictures from the book and have some other accessories that tie in (key, large door knobs).  i think i will do a collage wall, and i laid it out on my bed to see how it would look.  i still have my eye out for the perfect clock to add to this wall or maybe something 3D to add some depth and interest.

weight gain this week = 1.5 pounds
total weight gain = 13.5 pounds

growth milestones this week...

~baby now uses all of her senses
~baby continues to recieve antibodies from my placenta to provide immunity
~eyes are partially open and can blink
~baby can recognize different levels of light in the womb
~muscles are developing
~baby is getting better at controlling her own temperature
~baby is about 16 inches tall and weighs about 2.5 pounds
~baby's lungs are mature enough now that she would have a 95% chance of survival if born early
~developing more fat

baby is the size of an eggplant!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

pregnancy questionnaire...

i've been reading up on some pregnancy blogs and there seems to be a weekly questionaire that they use to document their symptoms and progress for the week.  i've been doing mine free flow, but i thought i would copy and paste the questions and answer them.

How far along? 28 weeks 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: 11 pounds (went down a bit from my last post)
Maternity clothes? YES!!! i love wearing leggings or yoga pants, a maternity tank top and a cardigan or sweater on top.  
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep: nope.  i get up about 5 times a night to pee (sometimes more), once to take wilfred out and often times i get heart burn.  not to mention i have so much on my mind with the move, i am up all night making mental lists...ugh!
Best moment this week: coming back to work in the new year and some people telling me that i officially look pregnant.
Have you told family and friends: Yes 
Movement: yes, in fact she was kicking all night last night!  she has been very very active lately, and especially at night.
Food cravings: not really, but i have enjoyed a lot of ice cream during this pregnancy, which is usually not my go to sweet treat.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really.
Have you started to show yet: yes!!!
Leakage: no!
Gender prediction: we know it's a girl!
Labor Signs: No, that is a scary thought!
Belly Button in or out? In, but probably not for much longer.
Wedding rings on or off? i can still wear them!
Happy or Moody most of the time: moody and emotional.  i have hormones and a big move to thank for that!

Weekly Wisdom: let go of what you can't control, things will fall into place.
Milestones: i am in my 3rd trimester!  woohoo!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

27 weeks!!!

welcome to the third trimester!!!  our little girl is 66% cooked!  i have been so lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy, and i hope that is a indication of what the last trimester and labor will be like as well.  with our move coming up, i know that the next few months are going to be a whirlwind, and our baby girl will be here before we know it!

after the craziness of christmas, it was nice to have a few down days to catch up on sleep.  i did start to get an achy back and the best thing that helped the pain and to keep it from coming back is walking.  we took some long family walks by the beach and that loosened me right up.  we also went to vegas for a few days, and surprisingly that was a very relaxing vacation, and i got some of the best sleep i've had in at least the last month!  we drove back on new years eve and i was asleep by 9:30pm!  although we got to celebrate new years day with a family brunch with some out of town cousins and then the afternoon with our closest friends at a BBQ!  this was the perfect way to celebrate for this pregnant lady...go to bed early on new years eve and celebrate on new years day with your loved ones over breakfast and an afternoon BBQ and be in bed by 9pm!

there have been a couple times over the last week where i felt like i might be coming down with a cold, but it has not lasted.  i am still dealing with acid reflux, but when it gets bad, i go right to the zantac and that seems to be the quickest and most effective way to treat it for me.  i am noticing that it is getting harder to bend down or get out of bed.  i finally feel like my weight is shifting and my center of gravity is changing.  my belly button appears larger and flatter as my belly grows, but at this point it has not popped out.  jarad said he noticed the start of the dark line down my belly a couple of weeks ago and this week i am starting to see a faint line appear.  i am still wearing my wedding rings and am lucky to have had no swelling at this point.  i feel movement all throughout the day and sometimes even at night.  at this point she is getting a little cramped in there, so i feel more thumps and less BIG kicks.  i am not able to determine her positioning, but i know they will be checking that in my upcoming doctor appointments, as she should be head down by now.  my appetite has remained pretty normal, but i have been waking up hungry the last few days.  i am finding that i need to eat breakfast right when i wake up to keep from getting hangry.

weight gain this week = 1.5 pound
total weight gain =  12 pounds

i will be wrapping up my job over the next week or so, and will be focusing on seeing as much of our family and friends as possible before our move.  something that has been weighing heavily on me is to get my doctor and hospital picked out and set up for our arrival, so there i won't have any lapse in appointments.  now that i am in my third trimester the frequency of my appointments will increase from monthly to every two to three weeks.  then once i get to 36 weeks, i will be going weekly until i deliver.  i keep telling myself that people move while pregnant all the time, so it will all be fine.  i would also like to take some baby classes in washington, to keep me busy and to meet other first time moms (and of course to learn about what to expect).

baby is the size of a rutabaga! (not sure what that is?)

weekly growth milestones...

~baby is practicing inhaling and exhaling with her rapidly developing lungs
~baby is showing brain activity and is beginning to send signals to the rest of her body and can feel pain the same way a newborn would
~she weighs over 2 pounds and is over 15 inches long
~baby can open and close eyes easily and retinas are forming
~my uterus is getting close to my rib cage
~baby's taste buds can distinguish between sweet, sour and bitter tastes