Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2 month check up!

today at 9 weeks 2 days old we had her 2 month check up, which also consisted of a series of 4 shots!!!  this was probably harder on mom than baby, but she did so well!  the doctor was very pleased with her growth and development and said "she is just perfect" (mom and dad would agree)!!!

weight: 11 pounds 4 oz

height: 23.25 inches

head circumference: 15.3 inches

my mom sent me my 2 month check up from my baby book and i was very similar in growth to bowie, check it out!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

cottage cheese noodles...

aside from a good old grilled cheese and tomato soup, this is the ultimate comfort food for me.  my mom would make it growing up and i don't know where the recipe came from, but it has been a favorite for me lately!  it is quick, easy and you get some good protein in from the cottage cheese.


wide egg noodles
large curd cottage cheese

how to:

for 3-4 servings, i use half a bag of egg noodles and cook as instructed.  drain and put in a large bowl.  then take 3 T of salted butter and brown in the same pot.  pour brown butter over noodles and add 1/2 of a large container of full fat large curd cottage cheese and mix well.  add lots of pepper and salt to taste.

Monday, May 23, 2016

spot on for new moms...

i came across this blog and i found this article to be 100% spot on!!!  my biggest complaint and fear as a new mom was how would i ever get anything done ever again?!?!?  i was always so on top of everything from birthdays, cooking dinner, clean house, staying in touch with people and taking care of myself, but that all went out the door when we brought bowie home.  the 2nd month has proven to get easier, but i have also learned to lighten up on myself.  some days i feel like super mom when the baby is clean, fed, happy, i cooked dinner, took a shower and the house is semi-clean.  then other days i feel like the only thing i accomplished is the baby is alive and fed.  you would think as a stay at home mom i should have more time to do stuff, but let me tell you it is hard!  and every day is unpredictable based on bowie's needs and mood.  this was a great read and i recommend it for any new mom, check it out here

Sunday, May 22, 2016

registry must haves...diaper bag & what to put in it!

i have 2 diaper bags, and i like each for different reasons.  this is a very personal choice, and although i like both, i don't think either is "perfect."  here is what i have and i will tell you why i like and dislike each one.

skip hop messenger style diaper bag:

~jarad can use it without feeling too "girly"
~plenty of pockets
~love the 2 front pockets (especially for easy access to my cell phone)
~love the handle on top
~great price (it retails for about $50-$60 in a current pattern, but this is an old season, so i found it for $25 at tj maxx)
~good quality

~it is a medium sized bag and tends to be narrow
~messenger style.  i thought i would like this, and i'm not unhappy with it, but sometimes it can get in the way, especially when carrying the car seat

petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack diaper bag:

~it's a backpack and messenger bag
~the material is laminate, so it can be easily wiped down
~cute and fun patterns
~good quality
~lots of pockets on the inside
~built in diaper changing pad
~magnetic closure

~price!  these rang from $140 (on clearance in this style) -$190
~the shape of the backpack makes it feel like it is falling backwards, not comfortable
~i feel like it needs a handle on top
~like the skip hop one it tends to be narrow

i have found there is not a perfect diaper bag for me, at least not yet.  i go between both of these and i may end up trying this style next.

$71.99 petunia pickle bottom on

but this will also become your purse so make sure you like it and will be comfortable using it all the time!

what to pack in your bag:

~change of clothes (and if you have room at least a change of shirt for you as well)
~4 extra diapers
~baby wipes
~diaper cream
~swaddle blanket (this can be used as a blanket, nursing cover up, burp rag and car seat canopy)
~plastic grocery bags (for messy clothes and soiled diapers)
~extra pacifier
~mini hand sanitizer
~snacks (for yourself or your baby if they are older)

***this doubles as my purse now, so i also carry my wallet, keys, cell phone, sunglasses and of course EOS chap stick!***

here are some other diaper related items you will want to include on your registry:

diapers!  this is a hard one, because depending on how big and how fast they grow you will not know how many diapers to get in a newborn size.  for bowie we had her in newborn diapers until about 3.5 weeks old.

diaper genie!  if you are using diapers, you will want this!  if baby is breast fed the diapers shouldn't be too stinky, but it is a good way to throw them away with no smell. make sure to get extra refills as well!

on sale for around $30, refills are $20 for pack of 3
wipe warmer!  this is nice for chilly weather in the pacific north west.  bowie appreciates it!

$18.99 on amazon for munchkin brand
diaper cream! we use good old A&D and boudreaux's butt paste

$16 a tub
baby wipes!  we get a big box from costco!  you will use these for everything!

$20 for box of 900

registry must haves...nursery & bedding!

the nursery is a fun one to decorate!  here is what i think you will need...

a crib and changing table.  i am using a hand me down one from my aunt, and had the best intentions to re-do it with chalk paint, but never got around to it.  but i am happy with the natural wood color and probably will leave it as is.  i have a matching changing table, but a lot of my friends just get the changing pad and put it on top of a dresser and that works just as well.  the crib is a big expense, so you may want to consider one that turns into a full size bed in the future.  if you do, i suggest registering for the kit to extend it at the same time, because they can be hard to find down the road.

crib mattress & changing pad mattress.  this is one i would not get a baby store, but try amazon!  they have a bigger selection and for about half the cost.  i got a changing pad for around $20 and a crib mattress for around $60.  this is at least half the cost of what it would be at buy buy baby.

crib sheets!  you should pick at least 2-3 crib sheets andliners.  sheets run anywhere from $10-$18 for one and i got a 2 pack of water proof liners for $30.

changing pad cover!  this will fit over your changing pad and act like a sheet.  they run about $20

changing pad liners!  this is one that you will need a lot of.  i would recommend at least 2 packs.  i got the boppy brand, and it runs $15 for a pack of 3.  this is a oval shaped water proof liner that lays over your changing pad cover, so you don't have to wash the cover a million times a day.  these take a beating with poop, pee and spit up.  i am constantly washing them and putting clean ones on.  you can not have enough!

mesh bumper!  they do not recommend a padded decorative bumper in the baby's crib.  it can increase the risk of SIDS and cause suffocation (this goes for stuffed animals and blankets in the crib as well).  bowie is not yet sleeping in her crib, so the pic you see is strictly for decoration right now.  they have breathable mesh ones that come in different colors.  you can see i have a white one on my crib.  they run about $20-$30

pack n play!!!  this is another great one!  i will probably put this in our bedroom soon so she can get used to sleeping on her back before we transition her to her crib.  it is a portable crib  that comes with some cool attachments.  the one we have has a changing table and a vibrating chair that bowie currently sleeps in at night,  this is also great if you have a two story house.  we have the pack in play set up downstairs so we can use the changing table downstairs instead of going up to the nursery each time she needs to be changed.  the one we have is on the pricey side, but you can get a basic model for about half the cost.  i would also recommend getting a set of pack n play sheet for the mattress, they cost about $10

graco pack n play costs $220

muslin swaddle blankets!  these seem to be a favorite gift for people to give.  they are great for swaddling (although we used old fashioned receiving blankets until she was a bit bigger), burp cloths, car seat canopies and nursing covers.  they are light weight and breathable.  they come in so many beautiful and fun patterns and you should have at least a pack of 4.

aden + anais brand 4 pack for $35

Saturday, May 21, 2016

2 months old!

today our baby girl is 2 months old! 

~she loves bath time
~starting to laugh
~full of smiles
~eyes will follow you around
~loves looking at the mobile
~eating a ton!
~checks and tummy are filling out
~eyes and hair are lightening and eyelashes are getting thicker
~can roll from tummy to back
~loves tummy time
~enjoys car rides
~lots of cooing

Friday, May 20, 2016

registry must haves...bath time!

bath time is one of the highlights of my day!  here is what i think you need...

a baby bath!  our parents used to wash us in the kitchen sink, but that would require you to use one hand to support the baby.  they make inexpensive baby baths with newborn slings in them so your baby can be supported without being fully submerged in the water. we registered for the fisher price 4 in 1 sling and seat bath and i love it!  it is light, portable, and your baby can grow into it from newborn to toddler.  bowie also loves the shower cup and bottle that comes with it!

costs $40

hooded towels!  they look cute, but i find that i use regular towels for bowie instead.  i think this would come in handy as they get older, so i would register for a pack of 2.  and i also recieved several as gifts too.

"just born" brand & costs $25

baby shampoo, body wash and lotion!  i prefer the "california baby" products.  they run a bit more expensive, but you use such a small amount it lasts for a while.

$12 for a 6.5 oz bottle of each

wash clothes!  if you have a friend or family member that knits, ask them if they will make you some with organic cotton yarn.  my cousin made us some and i am obsessed with them!  otherwise, you can get a pack of wash clothes at any baby store.

bath toys!  she is still too young to enjoy these, but we got some fun ones as gifts.  my favorite is a space themed plastic toy set.  if you have a preference for the ones you want, make sure to include it on your registry!

i think bath time is an area of your registry that doesn't require too much stuff.  i think the basics are a bath tub and a high quality product.  it is one of my favorite parts of the day with bowie!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

key lime pie...

 i mentioned that when jamie and ryan were here we got to visit with his aunt michelle who lives in issaquah, which is about 20 minutes away from us.  we made a pit stop at her house after wine tasting so i could feed bowie and then she came over for dinner the next night.  she brought the most amazing key lime pie ever!  i am not a fan of citrus desserts, nor is jarad but we both loved it!  she also came over for dinner the very next weekend to visit with my parents while they were here and i asked her if she would bring it again.  key lime pie is one of my dad's favorites and it did not disappoint.  i asked her for the recipe and she was a bit embarrassed to give it to me because she said it is the simplest dessert to make.  so she brought me the key ingredient (key lime juice) which has the recipe on the  bottle, i have to share because it is awesome!  she makes her own ginger snap crust and serves it with fresh whipped cream!  amazing!

flowers from michelle's garden!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

registry must haves...nursing/bottle feeding

i have a couple of girlfriends that are pregnant and have been asking me about things you should register for.  i know i have blogged about this in the past, but while this is still fresh in my mind, i am going to break it down into categories to let you know what i use all the time and what you can pass on.  so i will start with a big one; nursing and bottle feeding.

whether you plan to breast feed or use formula, there are still a lot of feeding must haves.  although we are no where near close to eating solids, i can only speak from experience of a newborn.  i also registered for some of the items that you would use to make and freeze your own baby food, but i will update you on those as we get into that stage.  for now, i will tell you what i consider to be a must have (and in no particular order).

a good electronic double pump.  this is the medela one that i have (and the accessories it comes with) and it was covered 100% by my insurance.

a breast pumping bra.  this is so key, so you can pump and be hands free!  i have the medela one and it costs approximately $30-$35

a good nipple cream and lanolin.  here are the two different kinds i use.  be careful they stain clothes! 

costs $7-$10 a tube

costs $11-$13

disposable nursing pads.  these will fit inside of your bra for when you leak.  you can also buy re-usable ones and wash them.

costs $13 for a box of 100

grass drying rack and accessories.  you will have lots and lots of bottles and bottle parts to wash, and this drying rack comes in handy.  it is super cute and be sure to get lots of the cute accessories to go on it, it helps to dry those small bottle parts.

large grass $25, accessories $5 each

bottles!  i use the dr. browns bottles.  a starter pack is good enough for me right now, which has a couple of small 4 oz bottles and 2 large 8 oz bottles.  when  you register they suggest you get a couple of different brands of bottles to see which one your baby prefers, but i think that is unnecessary.  i am pumping breast milk for the bottles, but if you are using formula, you will most likely need more than just a starter set.

bottle warmer!  i also have the dr.browns one.  i can heat up a bottle of milk in 3 minutes!

costs $45

soothies!  also known as pacifiers or binkies.  i started using these the first night we brought bowie home.  they also recommend getting a few brands to try, but i have yet to see a baby that did not take the avent brand.  get at least 2 packs (2 to a pack) of each size (0-3 months and 3 + months).

cost $4.50 for a pack of 2

nursing pillow!  i use the boppy, that seems to be the most well known nursing pillow, but i am not convinced it is the best.  the lactation consultant at the hospital uses the "breast friend" brand and that provided good back support as well.  if you get the boppy, the pillow runs $30 and be sure to get a water proof liner $10 and a cloth cover $10-$20

nursing glider.  i use this all the time, whether it is for nursing or pumping.  if you don't want to invest in a glider, make sure you have a comfortable chair or set up to feed.  i opted for a middle of the road glider, it is by storkcraft and i find it to be comfortable and do the trick.

costs $180

sterilizer.  i will be honest, i have yet to use mine, i use good old hot water and soap.  but i got an inexpensive microwave one.

costs $30

bottle brush.  bottles get a fatty film from breast milk, so be sure to get a good bottle brush and a good de-greaser soap to keep the clean.  i use the dr. browns bottle brush.

costs $7

nursing bras!  you will need multiple of these.  if you find one you like, buy it in every color!  i found target to be the best for this and i got 3 different styles of the brand "gilligan & o'maley" they ranged from $5-$20 (the cheap ones i found on clearance).  the store h&m also has some nice ones at a reasonable price.

nursing tanks!  i also got these from target and i have 2 of them.  i usually wear them to bed when i don't feel like wearing a nursing bra.  they are definitely softer and more comfortable.  they are also the "gilligan & o'maley" brand and cost $20

pump and store bags.  i use the medela brand.  you can pump directly into the bags or use the spout to pour your pumped milk into the bags.  it freezes your milk safely in measured bags.  i prefer this brand because i have used "lansinoh" (which are nice because they can hold up to 6 oz of milk as opposed to the 5 oz that medela holds) but they tend to leak and rip in the bottom corner of the bag.

$15 for a box of 50 bags

 gas drops and gripe water!!!  your baby will be gassy and this is where these come in handy.  even though babies do not take in as much air breastfeeding as they would from a bottle, this is a must have!!! 

$9 for 1 oz

$12 for 4 oz

burp clothes!  it has only been recently that bowie has started to spit up, this started around 7 weeks when she went through a growth spurt and started eating larger quantities.  it is a good investment to get at least a pack of 4.

$28 for set of 4 from "giggle"

vitamin d drops!  this is recommended if you are breastfeeding, and bowie likes the sweet taste of it.

$10 for 1 oz