Thursday, June 30, 2016

what a difference a day makes!

i have said it numerous times, but bowie changes everyday!  and today while giving her a bath, i swear she is almost too big for the infant sling that sits inside of the tub.  when did this happen?  i swear it happened overnight!  she has always been in the high percentile for height, but i think she is going through a growth spurt!  i also learned that at 3 months old babies are no longer considered to be newborns but "infants."  my baby girl is growing before my very eyes!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

june visitors!!!

some of our best friends came up for a visit last weekend and we had a great time!  they have an almost 2 year daughter who loved hanging out with bowie!  we showed them our favorite neighborhood walk, the lake, twin falls hike and the incredible view of rainier!  it was so nice to have some familiar faces from home!  the boys played ping pong, the girls drank wine and then we would have great dinners and play our fav game of mexican train dominoes!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

broccoli salad...

broccoli is one of my fav veggies, and this is one of my fav ways to eat it!  it is a great summer salad, but be careful of serving it on a hot day because of the mayo!


6-8 cups of broccoli (cut into bite sized pieces)
1 cup mayo (or greek yogurt, or you can mix 50/50)
2-3 T rice wine vinegar
1 T sugar
1/2 cup almond slivers (or sunflower seeds)
1/2 cup raisins
salt and pepper to taste

how to:

mix mayo, vinegar and sugar to create a dressing.  once combined mix in broccoli and toss until evenly covered.  mix in almonds and raisins and serve well chilled.

Monday, June 27, 2016

14 weeks!

our sweet bowie is 14 weeks old today!  she brings so much joy and laughter everyday and it is so fun to watch her learn and explore her surroundings.  everytime i see her smile, it is like the first time, i get so excited and happy! 

here are some of the many faces of my baby bow...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

best buds!

wilfred has been an only child for a few years now and i didn't know how he would take to bowie.  to my surprise, he is in love with her and is so loving and patient with her.  of course there are times he can't stand the crying either and starts to cry too.  he is so protective of her, and lays by the crib or the nursery door and loves to be a cheerleader during play time and tummy time on the activity mat.  he loves car rides with her and is cautious of strangers around her.  i love that my babies love each other!

puppy cuddles

car rides!


he likes to kiss her during tummy time

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3 months old!

today my beautiful girl is 3 months old!  she grows and changes everyday and it is so fun to watch!  here is what is new in bowie's world...


~tracks faces
~coos and smiles all the time
~blows bubbles and tries to blow raspberries
~found her tongue
~loves activity mat and tummy time
~not a fan of naps during the day
~ate 7.5 ounces in one sitting (biggest serving yet, but only happened once)
~in 3 month clothes (and some are getting too tight!)
~in size 2 diapers as of 2 weeks ago
~loves car rides or the stroller to help fall asleep
~makes funny faces back at daddy
~is smiling back at familiar faces on video chat
~using a sleep suit at bed time to help with the startle reflex
~getting too big to swaddle
~sleeping in nursery at night time since about 2 months old!  although we have tin foil and black out curtains to help keep it dark during these long summer nights
~discovered the TV
~drooling a lot!!!
~hold her head up really well

mommy milestones:

~still breast feeding, although not exclusively (but about 75%-80%).  using a combination of breast feeding, pumping, donor milk and formula to supplement
~took her to olympia by myself to meet a friend.  this was a 50 mile drive, the farthest we have been away from jarad on our own!
~making mommy friends and enjoying weekly play dates!
~started running again, ran 1.5 miles for the first time since becoming pregnant and it felt great!
~getting into a bed time routine at night and getting more sleep!  last night she slept for 6 hours and then woke up to feed and went back to bed for another 4 hours!  this was a first for us and hopefully something that will stick!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

happy fathers day!

happy first fathers day to my amazing husband!  bowie and i love you so very much!  thank you for always being supportive, helpful and most of all loving and patient.

and happy fathers day to my other #1 man in my life, my daddy!  a man who is generous beyond belief, funny and always positive.  loved by all and your girls are crazy for you!

Friday, June 17, 2016

lake wilderness...

i always knew i was never much of a beach person, even as a baby i never liked the sand.  but i had no idea how much i am a lake person.  we are fortunate enough to live really close to lake wilderness (less than a 5 minute drive or we can even walk there).  with the beautiful weather we have been having we are spending a lot of time there!

it's great for picnic lunches, napping, meeting jarad there after work, sunday swims and maple valley days (fair).

relaxing after work

picnics and naps

sunday on a hot day!

me and my girl chilling

maple valley day rides

maple valley days, vendors and food

maple valley day rides

Thursday, June 16, 2016

pacific NW problems...

spring is amazing in washington, we have had a lot of warm weather and little rain.  as many have told us, the best kept secret to washington is the weather (and they are absolutely right!)

double rainbows and late night sunsets!

although one thing i did not factor in is the long days while trying to sleep train a baby.  the days are very long, with it starting to get light around 4am and not getting dark until after 10pm.  so we have had to do our best to keep the nursery dark so bowie can start to understand the difference between night and day.  we used tin foil on her windows and a black sheet as a curtain, this is what i call "pacific northwest problems."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

happy birthday mom!

happy birthday wishes to the best mom and grandma!  we love you so much!  hope your day is filled with all things that make you happy!  can't wait to see you next month!  xoxox

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

busy body!

wow, it feels like way too long since i have updated my blog.  but i guess that means we have been busy having fun!  we had visitors for a solid two weeks and we are finally getting back into our groove, just in time before our next set of visitors arrive!

in a nutshell we have been enjoying spring in washington; hiking, biking, lake time and spending time with some new friends that also have little ones.

our dear friends jen and matt visited from CA!

aunt jaime and uncle derek visited from MA!

our sweet bowie is 12 weeks and is growing so fast!  i will give a full update on her 3 month birthday!  but here is our sweet and smiley girl!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

happy birthday to my beautiful sister!

happy birthday jamie!  wish i was there to celebrate the big 3-0 with you!  but know we are thinking of you and love you so much!  you are the best sister and friend and auntie!  hope this is the best year yet!