Friday, October 28, 2016


it's been a busy week!  and although i don't have much to show for it around the house, i still feel productive.  i made a new friend, had a baby play date, had some good family meals together and are getting ready for mimi and papa to visit!  bow has been "eating" dinner with us every night and the last two nights she has really been excited about eating and eating a good amount of food.  i got some new foods to try with her, but this week she enjoyed her carrot and apple puree.

and here are bow's two best girl friends for a halloween play date yesterday!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

great finds!!!

my new hobby will be getting this house decorated and beautiful!  we have so much space that it is a little overwhelming and we came from such a small space that we definitely don't have enough furniture to fill it.  i have found some great finds at goodwill and an app i use on my phone called "varage sale."  i never considered us to be "formal dinning room people," but that is the room i am most excited about!  jarad is building a large farmhouse table and i can't wait to pull it all together!  this is our first big project, so we can have it completed before thanksgiving!

 looking very cluttered (not completed), but this is my varage sale hutch that i got for $60, it lives in the dinning room and will be used as a bar!

3 chairs from goodwill for a total of $15!!!  we will be using a bunch of different style chairs around our farm house table.  i am undecided about how i will refinish these chairs, but it is a good start!

2 end tables on varage sale for $10!!!  we were in desperate need of some night stands and these are perfect!  in fact i think they compliment the style and color of our dressers. 

we have been here for just about 2 weeks, we are mostly unpacked, but still have those random few boxes of things i don't know what to do with.  although mostly unpacked, still not feeling completely settled yet.  so all pics are "in progress."  i will post updates on our progression and our completed projects!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

wilfred loves fall leaves...

watch wilfred enjoy our new backyard and some of the beautiful fall leaves...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

watch bow sit up!

it is so cool to watch her master a new skill literally overnight!  out of nowhere she can sit up on her own!  i know crawling is right around the corner, time to baby proof the house!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

fun little saturday...

saturdays are for pancakes, yard work and trips to home depot!  this is our new kind of family fun!

Friday, October 21, 2016

7 months old!!!

sorry guys for the hiatus!  we have had a busy last month, but things are starting to slow down a bit and i will get back into the swing of things.  since her 6 month birthday we took a 10 day trip to california and have moved yet again!  we are finally feeling a little more settled so hopefully i will be able to keep this updated as usual.  but here we go...

our precious bow is 7 months old!  i feel like there are big developmental changes in the last month!!!

bowie milestones...

~can sit up on her own (i will post a video of this in a new blog)
~has two teeth (the second one came through a few days after her 6 month birthday)
~is sleeping without the merlin sleep suit!  this is huge for us.  it was such an amazing product and i knew the day would come when she would outgrow it, but before that happened she was able to roll over to her tummy in the suit, making it no longer safe for us to use.  so she is now in a sleep sack and sleeping on her stomach these days.  she wakes up once a night for a bottle and is sleeping solidly after a few days of hard sleep training.
~she can scoot around a room, which leads me to believe she will be crawling any day now!
~she eats dinner with us most nights in the high chair, and she enjoys teething biscuits, greek yogurt, carrots and apples.
~she has a head full of light brown hair and green eyes
~in size 9 month clothes and size 3 diapers
~can sign all done and daddy, but we have introduced a few more new signs to her
~is starting to wave hello or goodbye
~can catch some air in the jumperoo
~starting to drink water from a sippy cup
~is becoming aware of familiar faces on video chat and is more engaging
~my best guess is she is about 20-21 pounds
~she enjoys the day care at the gym
~she loves interacting with other babies and children
~has almost mastered getting the binky back in her mouth

mommy milestones...

~traveled alone on the plane with the baby.  it was not easy, but we made it!
~mom and dad bought a new house and are still unpacking and getting settled!!!
~making a big effort to make new girlfriends, i have had some new mommy dates lately and am enjoying meeting new people
~experimenting with making my own baby food and so far it has been a success and easier than i thought!
~gave into the mom hair.  i cut it shorter and went darker #momhairdontcare
~unsubscribed to any mom group that i found to be judgemental, criticizing or not useful (cause the mom shaming was starting to bring me down)