Monday, January 30, 2017

almost done!

jarad worked so hard to finish up installing the floor over the weekend.  the floor is all laid and now onto the molding.  so close!!!  he did a beautiful job, i can't wait to put the office back together and start using it!  we have come along way from the nasty emerald green carpet and the sage green walls. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

kitchen set!

bowie has been loving playing with the kitchen set at the kids play room in the gym and also loves the play food at the discovery playtown.  so we got her an early birthday present and she got her very own retro kitchen set!  this thing is too cute!  we set it up and when she woke up she was not sure of it, but then quickly warmed up to the idea and was very interested in playing with all the play food.  she would study each piece and then put it in her mouth and move onto the next, it was so sweet to watch her excitement!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

saturday afternoon!

we had a busy weekend planned!  we started with the casper baby pants concert for bowie at discovery playtown!  we got there early so she could play and then she enjoyed the music and danced!

we got to relax a bit at home and finish the office floor before heading to a chinese new year party!  bowie got to play with lots of kids and eat some great food!

Thursday, January 26, 2017


bowie loves yogurt!  our favorite is the stonyfield organic yogurt.  they make a baby version and i love their vanilla greek yogurt!  it is so good! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

dress up...

going through bowie's closet and organizing her clothes.  unfortunately she has some adorable sun dresses that were bought for her as a newborn and they are the wrong size wrong season.  trying to capture the cuteness since she won't fit into them in spring and summer.

Monday, January 23, 2017

meal time...

bow is such a great eater!  she is eating 3 meals a day!  i am constantly trying new foods with her and she usually enjoys it.  lately she is not as into purees and being spoon fed, but would rather feed herself!  there are new allergy guide lines for introducing high risk allergy foods like eggs, strawberries and peanut butter.  she has eaten strawberry puffs, but not the fruit itself.  as for eggs, she has had plenty of foods with egg in it.  i recently made he french toast that she liked and i also did a scrambled egg for her.  she was not as enthusiastic about the scrambled egg, but we will keep trying it.  i gave her a tiny lick of peanut butter over the weekend and there was no reaction there.  when i try new foods with her, especially ones that can have severe allergic reactions, i like to try it on a weekend when we are all home and in the morning, that way i have the day to observe her.

here is what a typical lunch looks like for her (fruit, veggie, protein and carb).  this day she had pot roast, peas, oranges and macaroni with olive oil and parm!  yum!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

1 year ago...

it has been one year since we moved to washington.  and what a crazy year it has been!  it has been one of the hardest decisions that i have ever made, but one i feel is the best for my little family.  every time we have family come and visit, i get so excited for them to arrive, but every good bye brings back the same emotions i felt a year ago.  the funny part is that a couple of months ago i started referring to washington as "home."  it was a change that i was unaware of, but that means we are making friends, enjoying the home we have created and connecting with our new community.  the first year here has treated us well and i am excited to continue to explore and adventure around this new home of ours.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

10 months old!

peek a boo, guess who is 10 months old!!!  pictures are nearly impossible to get because this curious one is always on the go!  she is incredibly happy, funny and sweet.  so sweet that she gave me the best present today and said "mama!" this little girl rocks our world!

 bowie milestones...

~crawling very fast
~can "perimeter," walk by holding on
~is exploring her voice, usually sounds like a baby monster
~in size 4 diapers, size 12 clothes (but some 18 month clothes as well)
~eats 3 meals a day (loves moms pancakes!)
~sleeping very well lately.  in the last couple of weeks she is starting to sleep through the night more regularly, but will still wake up once for a bottle about half the time.  going down for bed with no fuss at all.  morning naps are good, but aftenoon naps still remain inconsistent.
~cries when you tell her "no" or "ah ah"
~social butterfly
~still working on perfecting "dada" and i occasionally get "mama."  while we were in california for the holidays grandma and grandpa babysat her and while putting her down for bed, she was clearly upset and looking for me.  they said she said "mama ma ma ma ma" very clearly.
~gets mild eczema patches on her skin
~has been sick 2 times this winter with a cold.  we learned that she does not get sleepy from benedryl
~is learning how to feed wilfred from her high chair.  she hangs her hand over and he does tricks for her, she thinks this is hilarious!  in general she is getting very curious about him and wanting to pet him.
~she gets excited when she hears the ring on video chat
~loves music and starts to clap and dance
~does not like being outside in the cold, even when bundled up.  i made the mistake twice last week and tried to get some exercise in, she was not happy about it!
~does not have a favorite toy
~loves the feist "1,2,3,4" sesame street song
~still only has 2 bottom teeth
~starting to learn how to play on her own

mommy's milestones...

~making a big effort to make new friends and expand our social circle
~starting a paint project in the house
~starting to plan bowie's birthday parties! (1 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
~getting a little cabin fever with the cold weather and from us all being sick.
~down to the last few servings of frozen breast milk!  i am proud that even though it was a small amount, she has gotten the benefits of breast feeding till ten months

Thursday, January 19, 2017

rocking out!

proud mama moment...this kid loves kings of leon like her mama!  watch her shake it out! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

office in progress...

the house was pretty much move in ready, although not everything is to our taste.  but the one thing that had to be done was the office floor.  it had emerald green carpet that was in rough shape.  the previous owners installed all new carpeting, but left the office untouched.  we want to put new bamboo floors in there and were hoping to get it done over the holidays.  we had a hard time deciding on the right kind of product to use.  we want it to be good quality, durable and are looking for a dark distressed look. we bought a product and let it acclimate.  after a couple of days all the wood was bowed and we had to take it back.  we went to a different store and got a different product and are again letting the wood acclimate.  in the meantime we had some prep work to do in the office.  jarad pulled up the carpet, repaired some of the sub floor, took down the existing shelving and patched the walls.  this week my goal is to get it all painted (white) so that we can start to lay the floor next weekend.  once i get done painting the office, i will carry the same color white into the hallway and laundry/mudroom.  here is what the office looks like at the moment.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

telling her own tale...

today bowie had a book and was flipping pages and "reading" to herself.  she is really exploring her voice lately, most of the time she sounds like a baby monster.  but this photo was just too sweet.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

good day to be a dog!

although it was chilly, it was a good day to be a dog outside!  we got a visit from our 3 goat friends, went on a run and wilfred ate and rolled around in deer poop.  days like this call for a hair cut, bath and blow dry. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

discovery playtown!

today we had a play date with a mom i met at la leche meetings.  she has a 14 month old son and we went out for a thai lunch and then a play date at this gym in maple valley called "discovery playtown."  it is super fun, it is a mini version of a town with a grocery store, fire house, diner, beauty parlor, post office and vet office.  the kids have costumes and props to play with.  bowie enjoyed crawling all around and playing with the props.  and nice surprise for me, it is free to kids under a year old!  check them out here.  glad we got to play there because we will be going to a kids concert there at the end of the month!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

fish lips...

we are so lucky that bowie enjoys eating out with us and is always on her best behavior!  we pack lots of snacks for her and she will eat off of our meals too!  on saturday she was curious about drinking out of a glass...her expressions kill me everytime!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

bear cub...

rocking some new outfits from christmas!  love this little bear cub!

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 resolutions!

2016 was a year full of a lot of exciting milestones for us.  it will be hard for 2017 to have as much excitement, but i am looking forward to finding and perfecting our new normal.  every year we (i) want to be the best most perfect version of myself.  i am sure most of us have similar weight loss goals, healthy eating goals, budgeting goals and career goals.  but this year, i am redefining my own version of "perfect."  i am a mom now, and this means i am lucky if i take a shower on some days.  everyday i do my best to be a great mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, cousin and niece and most days i end up putting myself last.  while i enjoy doing for others, i need to put myself at the top of that list as well.  it is a hard balance, but if i am better to myself i can be better to those around me.   how do i plan on doing this?  my list this year will be short and similar to previous years, but taking care of my body with fitness and food will be a priority!  it is the best stress reliever and makes me happy!  as i mentioned before i will adjust my vision of what "perfect" is, for example...

~the house my not be as clean as i would like it to be, but we all enjoyed a nice meal or quality time together as a family
~i may not have gotten "dressed" today, but that is because i gave my undivided attention to my daughter today and we enjoyed every minute of it
~house projects can wait, lets enjoy the outdoors
~laundry and dishes will always pile up, that's okay.  make a laundry folding date with jarad and save the dishes for later, enjoy the company instead!

this year i will get better at asking for help and saying no.  i will be on social media less.  i will practice gratitude.  i will learn that stress and anxiety is usually a waste of time.  i will get back to basics and simple!  i will explore my creativity as often as possible.  and most importantly i will savor every moment with family and friends! 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

happy new year!

2016 was jam packed with a lot of "biggies" for us!

~moved to washington
~new job
~had a baby
~bought a house

so please forgive our lack of humorous card this year (we will try harder next year)

wishing all our friends and family a happy new year filled with good health, love and happiness!