Monday, December 31, 2018


i know most of you aren't wondering what happened to my supply or is ryder still breastfeeding?  but for the sake of documentation and my "baby book" i want to update.  the combo of hormones and being sick made my supply tank and on top of it ryder was going through a growth spurt and there was NO way i could possibly keep up with his demand.  he was taking over 12 ounces in 3 hours!!!  hungry little guy!  after making a good dent in my freezer stash of milk i decided to supplement with formula.  it was hard on me for both babes the first time i gave them a bottle of formula, but fed is best!!!  i was interested to see if 1- he would take it (and YES he did, happily!) and 2- if he would sleep better at night if he had formula as his last feeding (and NO it did not make a difference).  i had to supplement for 3 days until my supply returned in full force!  i am back to where i should be, but continue to give him a bottle of formula here and there so i can replenish my stash, i want him to have the benefits of breast milk as long as possible, so i continue to freeze any excess.

my goal with both babes was always 1 year.  with bowie she was exclusively breastfed for 2 months before introducing donor milk and then with formula around 3 months.  i was able to breastfeed her until 6 months although the majority of her calories were coming from formula.  and she was able to have a serving of frozen breast milk until about 9 months old.  with ryder my goal is still 1 year, but i don't want to put an end date on it.  we are still going strong, i was worried that the supplementation may be the beginning of the end for us, but it was short lived. 

i love seeing his double chin and chunky legs and know that my body continues to nourish him even outside of the womb.  he is healthy and thriving and i am proud of my body for growing this perfect little being. 

new years eve!

to say it has been a good holiday is a total understatement.  it has been wonderful in every way!  so much fun that i have been dreading it coming to an end for the last few days.  as the new year approaches we TRIED to get some good family photos and got outside to enjoy the sunshine (although it was 34 degrees!!!).  although chilly we had a lovely walk by the lake and arboretum.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

christmas cookies!

grandma's christmas cookies are kind of a big deal in our family!  surely one of my favs!  so bowie got to make a batch with grandma and decorate with grandpa!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

burn baby burn!

massive burn pile is going strong!  there is something symbolic about burning your crap right before the new year! out with the old and in with the new for 2019!!!

Friday, December 28, 2018

we have teeth!

it's no wonder this lil guy is so drooly and uncomfortable, he cut 2 teeth in 2 days!

can i paint your nails???

thank you mimi and papa for the nailpolish, daddy is getting a much needed mani pedi!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

hippy girl...

she loves her rainbow hat from peru from aunt laura and uncle tony!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

the day after...

getting ready to pick up grandma and grandpa from the airport and bowie wants to wear her holiday dress and this guy is conked out!  but the exciting part is it is a 2nd christmas for the kiddos!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

handmade gifts!

always my favorite kind!  thanks to taryn for knitting the babes some adorable winter hats!

merry christmas!

i woke up, popped out of bed, came downstairs, turned on the oven, made the coffee, plugged in the christmas tree lights and got the music going.  rushed upstairs to pump some milk and then get the kiddos up!

bowie got out of bed and went to her window and said "no snow, and no isabelle and no colton."  they were here last year and we had an eventful white christmas.  i told her santa came and she better check it out downstairs.  so we got dressed and she was in for a big treat!

her christmas could have easily been made with her new peppa pig set, but we opened gifts, caught up with family over video chat, had a yummy breakfast and finished it off at a friends house for dinner!  ryder was taking it all in and was a trooper through all the chaos.  it is fun to create our own memories, new traditions and do christmas our own way.  our family all spoiled the kids rotten and i am excited for bowie to have some down time to play with all her new toys!