Saturday, September 15, 2018


bowie is getting really good at counting and can count to 10!  love watching her practice this in real life...

12 weeks!!!

his face says it all...i am shocked too!

this sweet guy brings our family so much joy.  i love watching bowie sweet talk him and he watches everything she does.  wilfred is snuggling up to him and trying to sneak in a kiss or two (i think he likes milk as well) and he just wants to be held and snuggled.  this weekend he slept for an 8 hour stretch at night!!!!!!!!!  that was so needed by all of us.  he is getting so big, tall and heavy.  he eats often and his reflux is getting better although not completely gone.  he dos not like tummy time and is trying to roll over.  he has done it once from tummy to back, but is trying to roll over the other way as well.  his hair is thinning out and his eyes are looking greenish to me.  his baby acne is cleared up but he had some eczema on this forehead last week.  he likes to be swaddled and have the white noise machine on for sleeping and kinda sorta likes the binky, but is not dependent on it.  i can tell he will be more sensitive than bowie, and i think it is safe to say he is a mama's boy and i am totally fine with that!  he is in 6 month clothes, but they fit just right and are not big on him at all, well at least shirts and onsies, pants are still big.  he is interested in visual stimulus like the TV, video chats and the projector from his noise machine.   he is perfection and has my whole heart!

Friday, September 14, 2018

tinker tray...

i'm always surprised and impressed at what she comes up with when playing with a tinker tray.  todays tray included; peg people, shells, wooden rings, wooden eggs, clothes pins, craft sticks and stacking cups.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

rainy days...

i feel summer slipping away...we have rain all week, the days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing and their is a a chill in the air.  i do love fall, but i don't feel like we got our fill of summer.  today felt like a pajama play inside kinda day.

play place!

i think mcdonald's play place is a life savor for cold weather play dates!  thursday morning breakfast with our besties!


i think he is trying to tell me something!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


someone is getting really good at the alphabet song! 

weekly play trays...

here are some of our latest play tray ideas...

home made play dough with glass gems, sea shells, wooden rings, safari toobs "cambrian life" figures and stamp

play dough cupcake making with unicorn rice

color sorting with rainbow pebbles and insects

small world play with safari toobs "butterflies," wooden rings, glass gems, blue rice and mini rainbow stacker

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

big minnie...

tea parties with "big minnie."

ryder and wilfred...

poor wilfred is feeling like low man on the totem pole most days, but it is nice to see these two bonding.

Monday, September 10, 2018

elephant small world play!

post nap play tray with elephants, lentils, rainbow pebbles and glass gems!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

sleepy head

nothing better than sleepy baby snuggles from this guy!

rainbow pebbles gnome home!

love this play tray!  and while bowie played with her gnome home, mommy played with some more rainbow pebbles making patterns and designs in rainbow rice.  sometimes i don't know who is having more fun?!?!

early morning visitor!

this guy came to visit around 6am on sunday morning and knocked down the trash cans looking for a snack!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

11 weeks old!

this handsome lil guy is 11 weeks old! he is so alert, loves to be held, loves to nurse, watches everything bowie does and gives the best snuggles. 

sleepy head

big girl room!

she has been talking about this for a long time, and this weekend seemed like a good time to transition her to her "big girl bed!" we made sure everything was safe for her and took out the crib and changing table and now she is in a toddler bed.  like all big transitions she handled it well and is loving her new room set up!  and we tried out giving ryder a nap in his new crib.  hopefully there will be more sleep in our future! 


one of bowie's all time favorite activities!  i just find new and fun ways to present it.  today is cupcake liners with rainbow rice and measuring spoons!

making pancakes!

every weekend i make pancakes, but this morning i had a helper!

Friday, September 7, 2018

ring around the rosey...

i met these little ladies and their mamas at a la leche league meeting when bowie was 2 weeks old.  and now look at this trio...

rainbow pebble monsters!

love this activity set, so many fun ways to use them!  i set out a tray with googly eyes, craft sticks and pipe cleaners and we made monsters!