Monday, January 29, 2018

18 weeks!

i am happy to report this week was a smooth and easy one.  i am feeling so much better and have finally been able to get some much needed rest at night now that my cold is better and i am not congested anymore!  i feel like my appetite has picked up a bit, but i still have not gained any weight, still weighing in 2-3 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. i am noticing my belly getting bigger and bigger and am feeling more movement!  i usually feel movement when laying down at night, but now if i am sitting or being still sometimes i can feel him.  it's a very comforting feeling!  jarad hasn't been able to feel him yet, but i think he will be able to in the next couple of weeks!  i got some house stuff done, cooked dinner every night, did some more organizing and got in a few workouts, so i would say that although i am still going to bed early at night i have had more energy during the day!  and i have been getting up before bowie every morning and getting ready, which is a nice change.  these little changes definitely help me feel more productive and on top of things.

i had strong cravings for cookies and cream ice cream with bowie, and i am not much of an ice cream person.  but this time around i have a new flavor that i can't get enough of, it's the "private selection" brand from kroger stores and it is salted caramel with truffle bites.  OMG it is so good! it's been a good week, so i guess sometimes no news is good news, and hoping we can all stay healthy!

baby milestones:

~nervous system and facial features are developing
~baby can yawn, hiccup and swallow
~beginning to develop a coat of myelin on his nerves, this is important for brain development
~weight will increase six fold over the next month
~baby is practicing breathing the amniotic fluid
~hearing is now developed
~umbilical cord is growing to support baby's needs
~baby is the size of a sweet potato

Sunday, January 28, 2018

moms workshop!

i am excited to participate in a moms workshop this afternoon called "self care for moms on the go."  the description says that you will learn easy steps to fill your bucket, how to keep sane in the mom brain and tips on how to set boundaries with loved ones.  it's a free 2 hour event at our local library and i have heard good things about this speaker.  i took away so much from this workshop and am sharing my notes and what i learned.  maybe you will find something that will help you and i plan on looking back at these notes when i need a refresher!

this workshop was presented by alli kinnear, who is a life coach as well as a parenting and empowerment coach.

"stressed souls need the reassuring rhythm of self nurturing rituals."
~not a one off
~something you can make a habit
~must be a routine for ME

Prevention and Intervention:
~talk to yourself the way you would a friend
~protect your sleep
~eat nourishing meals
~move your body
~do something rejuvenating and inspiring on a daily basis
~seat healthy boundaries

Secret #1: check yourself before you wreck yourself
~what can i do in this moment take care of myself?
~ASK for what you need and receive, receive, receive
~if you are feeling resentful and playing the blame game, maybe a need is being unmet.  give others a chance to give to you!

Secret #2:  soothe your body
~1 hand on my belly (my intuition) and 1 hand on my heart (my love and connection), close your eyes and take full deep breaths
~alli also says she has a routine that she does where she gets up and pretends to "brush the shit off."  she made us all do it.  where you stand up and brush off your arms, hair, chest, clothes, etc.  then give a  good shake.  she said she does this every time she goes to the bathroom.  that way it is her ritual.  she does it multiple times a day and you do kinda feel lighter
~EFT method (emotional freedom technique).  hold head with fingers interlaced and with one hand tap top of head 2 or 3 times, then do the same with your heart and then your belly.  move your hands up your head a few times as you repeat this process and give your head a little squeeze.  helps to bring awareness and release toxicity.   here is a video i found on youtube that better describes this method

Secret #3 identifying pleasure vs. numbing activities:
~for example eating a bowl of ice cream vs. standing at the counter eating out of the container mindlessly.  or going for a walk vs. playing on your phone
~"any took is a weapon depending on how we hold it."
~self care is not selfish, it is essential
~this "secret" is one i have a lot of working on.  it is something i have identified in myself and wanted to work on as a new year resolution, but this made it very clear to me.  i want to fill my time up with things that bring me joy and not waste my time

Secret #4: rewriting our SFD's or shitty first draft and her tube sock example
~"the rumble begins with turning up our curiosity level and becoming aware of the story we're telling ourselves about our hurt, anger, frustration or pain."
~become aware of when you are in your SFD
~"every criticism, judgement, diagnosis and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need." by marshall rosenberg from him book "unviolent communication
~this one was harder for me to understand at first, so alli gave a great example.  she had a pair of her husbands dirty nasty old tube socks.  she said that everytime she did the laundry she felt anger as she was folding these socks.  they were always turned inside out and and she would have to stick her whole arm in to turn them right side out.  this went on for a while and then she asked her husband to please turn them the right way before putting them in the laundry because it drove her crazy to have to put her hand in and turn them right side out everytime she folded the laundry.  her husband said he would try.  so the next time she did laundry the socks were inside out again and her inner voice started making up this story about how he was trying to make her mad, he was trying to annoy her on purpose.  so she had to acknowledge that she was writing her SFD and needed to change the story.  she came up with her own solution and compromise that if her husband wouldn't turn the socks the right way then she would just fold them as is and she told him this.  he was okay with this solution and then eventually bought new socks. 
~the point being sometimes we have to calm the chatter in our head since we know it is not true and find a new story to write

Secret # 5 continue the work:
~commit to making one small change and work at it
~"positive change is hard but it is always worth it - it's time"

 recommended authors and books
~anne lammott
~marshall rosenberg
~"rising stong" by brene brown

i took so much away from this workshop and hope she has more in the future.  she does do a weekly video on facebook on wednesday evenings that address other parenting issues, self care, etc.  here is her info if you want to check her out!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

thank you trader joes...

thank you trader joes for giving this mama a good indian food fix and also a good case of heartburn.  i sampled this curry in the store and it was so good, but it has a good amount of heat to it!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


bowie has a runny nose AGAIN!  not enough to keep us down, but i want her get better and stay healthy!  we also have toddler time and her gym class at the end of the week and i don't want to miss either of those!  so we needed an outing this morning and we got ourselves a little treat.  we went to the new donut shop and i got bowie a few donut holes, which she took a bite out of each, but was far more interested in looking at the donut display!

then we had some good play time at home with her train set, pretend food, mickey and friends and her little people. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

bedtime routine...

bowie has two favorite books at bedtime, one is "llama llama, i love you," (we always end on this one) and the other one is "dada" by jimmy fallon.  she has this one down, it is so cute to listen to all her animal sounds.

Monday, January 22, 2018

17 weeks!!!

chugging along here.  getting close to the half way point!  this pregnancy has me particularly nervous and everyday feels like a blessing to be this far along.  but i can't help but feel sad at the same time tomorrow (jan 23) would have been my due date with our last loss, a date that i have been dreading in my head.  unfortunately this week we all got the some crappy cold again.  it started off early in the week with bowie getting a fever that lasted almost two days, she had a bit of a runny nose, but she remained the healthiest of us all.  then jarad stayed home from work one day because he felt chilled and feverish and had sinus problems.  that same day i came down with a sore throat and i had already been dealing with congestion, and its been especially hard for me.  luckily my sore throat didn't last long, but the congestion has been miserable,  particularly at night time.  it has been over a week without a good nights sleep.  and i lost my voice, i mean literally LOST it.  i could barely speak, and to try to talk was such a strain it made me out of breath.  bowie and jarad are pretty much totally better, but i still have a hoarse voice and am blowing my nose and coughing a lot.  i can't wait to all be healthy again!  being sick while pregnant is so hard because there is so little you can take to get better!

i did have a doctors check up this week.  he had a strong heart beat in the 160's and was very active that day!  everytime the doctor found his heart beat he would move around and make it hard to get a good listen, but we did and he is doing well.  i also had some 2nd trimester blood work done and will go back in a month for my next visit!

i am able to feel movement when laying down, and occasionally when sitting quietly.  this week we also brought out my pregnancy pillow.  not because i am so big and uncomfortable, but the congestion was so terrible and i could not find a pillow combination that was comfy, so we brought it out in hopes i would sleep better.  it's been okay.  the thing takes up so much real estate on the bed (and in the closet) but it is nice to have the pillow between my knees. i am looking forward to the day i can get rid of this thing and don't need to hold on to it anymore!

i am still holding my weight at a few pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.  i was up late one night watching "carnival eats" and got a serious craving for poutine.  we have a favorite restaurant in issaquah that has amazing poutine!  jarad was riding over the weekend and surprised me and picked up an order on the way home!  it was so good!!!  it was a much needed treat too, because that day i was having some uncomfortable round liagament pain.  i don't remember really having that with bowie, but that day i could really feel things stretching and pulling and growing. 

i have been a little extra emotional lately, i also blame the lack of sleep.  i am already in a serious nesting phase.  maybe it is because i never got to do it with bowie due to our move and then moving into our rental home in washington less than 2 weeks before i went into labor.  i guess it is more organizational for me.  i am washing baby clothes, sorting, organizing and going through some of bowie's stuff.  it's been a fun project so far.

baby milestones...

~baby can make out different flavors
~heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day
~brain is communicating with nervous system and muscles
~baby is putting on some fat
~umbilical cord is getting stronger and thicker
~baby is the size of a pomegranate

Sunday, January 21, 2018

22 months!!!

22 months young for this wild one!  we are starting to go to a lot of 2 year old birthday parties and it makes me think that i gotta start thinking about hers!  it is only 2 months away!!!  my girlfriend told me last night at her daughters birthday party that she feels like overnight she has already hit the "terrible twos."  but lately bowie has been so sweet, cuddly and affectionate.  she comes up and gives me the best hugs and pats on the back, telling me "pretty."  i remember a couple months back she went through a very fussy phase and i started to wonder if we were entering the dreaded "terrible twos," but NO, this girl is all smiles lately.  i say it everyday, but this little miss is the best!!!  she is sweet, funny, smart, adventurous, kind and curious.  she is definitely a mama's girl and i hope she stays that way!  she is always busy like her daddy, the only time she can sit still is if she is watching mickey mouse.  her hands have to be doing something and she bounces around from one toy or activity to the next.  as she gets older i can see a beautiful combination of both of us coming through in her personality and appearance.

bowie milestones...

~size 3T pant, size 4T shirt, size 6 diaper, size 4T pajama, size 6 shoe!
~vocabulary builds everyday, but she is getting good at putting 2-3 words together to create commands and short sentences!
~loves books!  she reads them by herself during the day and loves story time with daddy before bed!
~lots of pretend play with her baby doll.  loves to put her in a stroller and walk around house, feed her and hold her.
~loves mickey mouse!  she now calls all characters either "mickey or donald" (even minnie and daisy) and also loves pluto!
~getting better with colors.  she can identify purple and yellow correctly most of the time, but is getting better with blue, pink and green.
~picky picky eater!  every meal is a struggle for me, good thing she is a big healthy baby!
~according to our scale at home she weighs 32.5 pounds
~is more attached to her sippy with milk than she ever was with the bottle.
~loves her binky.  she has also become more attached since being sick over the holidays
~is learning to share, as well as me teaching her tools to get better at this
~sleeps about 12 hours at night and a 2 hour afternoon nap from about 12-2pm during the day, sometimes 3 hours if she is super tired
~participates in toddler time 1-2 times a week, the little gym on fridays and lots of playdates!
~loves "tubby time" lately.  she likes to play with these new disney princess bath toys she got for christmas and my facial brush.  sometimes she can play in there for 45 minutes!
~is now forward facing in her car seat.  i was hoping to keep her rear facing for 2 years +, but she is so tall that we had to move her.
~eyes are dark hazel and hair is light golden brown.  her hair is thick and long and she is okay with me pulling her bangs out of her eyes most of the time.
~gets really excited over presents!
~likes to help me clean and also likes it when i give her a pad of paper and pen to make lists like mama.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

2 year washington anniversary!

tomorrow marks an anniversary that will have forever changed my life.  it will be 2 years since we started that long road trip to our new home state.  this was the hardest decision i have EVER made by far!  leaving the place you grew up, quitting your job, going somewhere new and having a baby within a couple of months, jarad starting a new job and the very hardest part leaving my family and our friends! 

looking back i have to say i am proud at myself for trying something new and getting way out of my comfort zone.  i like to play it safe and i like to be predictable, this went against all that!  and the timing was a hard one with a baby on the way.  but i knew it was now or never.  i hated the way i felt in the place i lived.  we lived on a crammed street with way too many houses, we hated our jobs, i spent between 3-4 hours a day commuting, we had to compromise in every way when it came to trying to buy a home and i didn't see any of this changing in the foreseeable future.  i spent lots of time day dreaming about a life that i didn't need a vacation from.  a life where i could raise my children with lots of space and nature and where we didn't like work was getting the best of us.  unfortunately this place didn't exist in california. 

we had visited some good friends the year prior in washington state.  they rented a beautiful home that was totally affordable, everything was green, they had good jobs and loved where they lived.  i envied them!  i wanted this!  i thought about it for some time, like a long time.  i knew i had to keep my thoughts to myself because i wasn't sure how i felt about moving.  but i dreamed about change and it overcame me.  i knew there was a better lifestyle to be lived somewhere else and i am not getting any younger.  i dreaded having this conversation with family and i knew i would have jarad's full support.  i didn't know our location would be washington, i just knew i loved the life our friends lived and i needed that.  i had to do some research, but what i did like is that it was still on the west coast, mild weather (although rainy), they had lots of jobs for jarad's industry, a lot more bang for your buck when it cam to real estate, lots of outdoor activities and no state income tax! 

as you know the ball got rolling and one thing lead to another and here we are!  3 houses later, 1 child, 1 miscarriage, 1 baby on the way and we bought our dream home!  and somewhere between all those big life milestones we have created a home here with some awesome friends!  i took a chance and for me a BIG one.  but i knew if i stayed somewhere when i wasn't happy then i would never know what i was missing out on, and i knew i would never regret making the move and we could always change our mind if we were unhappy.  but i never imagined how happy i would be.  i literally can say i have all i ever wanted, and things i didn't even i know i wanted!  what surprises me the most is how much i craved open space and privacy.  jarad always wanted a house outside of a development and on land.  i have never lived this way and the idea sort of scared me.  well...the country girl in me is loving it!  and i tell jarad all the time, when our kids get older (or maybe even sooner, who knows) i want more land and to be even a little more removed from all the new build up of our city.  what i didn't expect is that we are not the only ones who love maple valley.  in the short time we have been here the city has grown a lot and there is a lot more housing and shopping going in.  this makes me sad, i love the "small town" feel of where we live. and i want to preserve that as much as possible.  but luckily we chose our location well and we are outside of city limits and unaffected by this change. 

the one thing that i miss every single day is my family, and that will never change.  everyone thought i was crazy to move so late in my pregnancy, and it was crazy, but it all worked out!  the hardest part has been watching bowie grow up and say "goodbye" to her grandparents at the airport.  when she was a baby it was hard on me to see them leave, but i never knew it would be ten times harder as bowie gets older to have to see her say "goodbye."  it is something i will never get used to.  luckily we are good about visiting often and of course lots of video calls, but it's not the same. 

so 2 years in the blink of an eye and i realized i still have the ability to surprise myself with my own courage.  this was something i never thought i would do, but i know that this move has increased the quality of our lifestyle exponentially.  we have so much more exploring to do here and i am happy and proud to call this beautiful place our home. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

hydrate hydrate hydrate!

excuse the bad pic, but this is one week later using my new hydrating skin care products!  i can feel a huge difference and see an improvement!  i still have some red blotchiness but my doctor said that could be "pregnancy mask" or pregnancy induced rosacea.  either way i am a big fan of the cerave line and will continue using the hydrating cleanser and morning and night time creams.  i wasn't sure if the morning one with SPF and retinol was worth it, and i am still on the fence.  i am using a facial brush to help gently exfoliate and love the way my skin feels.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

chicken chowder...

saw this recipe on facebook and it looked so good to me.  i love a good creamy chowder, but i don't like seafood, so i especially love corn chowder.  but this recipe was so easy and it comes from a blog i have used before and like "the girl who ate everything."

check out the recipe link here

Monday, January 15, 2018

under the weather...

sucks when my girl is under the weather when the weather is so beautiful out.  but i will take these snuggles anytime!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


going through bowie's clothes has proven to be a much more emotional task than i anticipated.  as this pregnancy is becoming more and more real everyday, i am trying to figure out how to store my new baby boy clothes and slowly go through bowie's old stuff.  i will be giving a lot to my sister, selling some of the winter items and have decided to keep the things i can not bare to let go of.  i took a plastic comforter protector and that will be what i store my keepsakes in.  i am keeping each item in a ziplock bag and including a note as to why this item is special to me.  i am trying to limit myself to 2-3 items per size.  i plan to give these to bowie when she gets older, maybe a 18th birthday or wedding, who knows...i have plenty of time to figure that part out. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

16 weeks pregnant!!!

i am starting to actually show a bit, although i can still hide it easily, i am finding myself digging back into my maternity winter wardrobe and wearing some of my favorite shirts and sweaters again!  i feel like i have a cold creeping up again, this would be ridiculous, but i am so stuffy at night time and have a tickle in my throat.  but i am feeling good, i haven't had any acid reflux this week, which is great and i am still tired tired tired!  but i haven't been able to sleep well at night either, it is like the insomnia is back!  i find myself getting a little sad when i think that around this time is when i would have been due with our last miscarriage.  but i have a doctors appointment next week and i am looking forward to hearing that heartbeat again and checking in on our little guy!

the most exciting part of this week is i think i am starting to feel flutters.  only when laying down and completely still, but i have felt them a few times now.  maybe that is why i can't sleep, it happens at night time when i am trying to sleep, but then i get too excited!  this seems early for me, but they say second time moms can feel or recognize them sooner and from what i have read in my pregnancy apps, this can happen around this time.  i forgot how cool it is to feel your baby move and kick inside your belly.  and when you can start to feel these movements regularly it can be helpful to elevate some of the nervousness for me.

i still have not gained any weight, and am in fact still down 2-3 pound from my pre-pregnancy weight.  i think that will start to change soon!  i got an intense craving for poutine this week, i think this weekend i will have to satisfy it!  i guess that is what you get for watching "carnival eats" late at night!  i have developed a bad varicose vein on my inner thigh, i will mention that to my doctor next week, but i don't think there is much you can do for that.  and i am working on healing my skin this week.  i am loving my new hydrating products and can already feel a difference! i am now officially caught up on my pregnancy blog, as i enter my 17th week next week!

baby milestones...

~baby can hear sounds
~baby can detect light through your belly
~legs and arms are completely formed
~thumbs can now grasp
~baby is the size of a dill pickle

Friday, January 12, 2018

party in my crib!

every morning or after nap i come into her room to find all her babies lined up like this.  i think it is so funny and cute.  i can see some of my organizational tendencies rubbing off on her, LOL!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

skin care...

i am embarrassed that i am as old as i am and i don't have a better skin care routine.  i guess i thought using a daily moisturizer with a high SPF would cut it!  NO!!!!  my skin is the worst it has ever been in my adult life.  i think it is a combo of pregnancy hormones as well as being overly dry!  and i mean very dry!  my friend took a look at the products i use regularly and agreed that i was using a facial wash that was too harsh.  for some reason i am still using an acne cleanser?!?!  i don't have acne, and this is contributing to taking out the essential oils in my skin and making me very dry!  she recommended an over the counter line that i have seen before but an not familiar with.  it is called "cerave."  i went to walmart and got their hydrating facial cleanser, night time moisturizer and their daily renewing moisturizer with SPF 30.  last night when washing my face, i could already feel a big difference, and i loved the feel of the night time moisturizer.  i am used to my face feeling dry and chapped at night from the winter weather and my harsh face wash.  this was so nice! so here are the products i bought (they were out of the face wash, so i bought the generic one) and here is a "before" pic of me at bed last night.  i have already used the wash and lotion last night, but you should have seen my face a few days ago.  i can already tell a difference in the way it feels, but i am looking forward to the redness and bumps going away.

these recommendations came from my good friend who is an aesthetician and also uses these products, along with more expensive ones. what i love about these is they are easily accessible and over the counter and inexpensive. i got these at walmart and she tells me you can also find them at target, the grocery store and amazon.

~daily face wash (generic) $5.34 (big bottle too, 12 oz)
~daily moisturizer with SPF 30 and retinol $11.00 (looks like this was on sale and is normally $21) - not sure i can feel a difference between this one and the one i currently use, but mine does not have retinol in it, so TBD on if i will buy again
~nightly moisturizer $8.27 for 3 oz (i love this one so far!!!) 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

life lessons...

i am still thinking about my resolutions and tweaking them, but i came across this facebook post that was too powerful not to share.  it is from a young girl (27 years young) and dying from cancer.  she wrote this letter the day before she passed away.  it really hits home on what is important!!!

please take a moment to read this article as it really has some important life lessons, click here

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


every year i try to reflect on what i want to change and how i want to be better in the new year.  now that i have a child that means less time for myself, so i have to be realistic in my goals and expectations.  i know this post comes in the 2nd week of the new year, but since jarad just went back to work yesterday (which we are all having a hard time adjusting to) it has felt like a long vacation for us all.  so here is some of my thoughts...

~i am sure one of the most common resolutions revolves around fitness, health and weight loss.  and this is true for me too!  but being pregnant i have to listen to my body and not obsess about the number on the scale.  but i want to eat healthy (less carbs, this is my downfall), make working a priority, and get back to my strong self.  i don't feel "strong" right now.  i will be focusing on upping my cardio during pregnancy and get back to more weight lifting post baby and recovery.

~keeping it simple!  i tend to overthink, worry and make things more complicated than they have to be.  this year i will be trying to simplify my life.  this also involves things and tangible items.  i will focus on getting rid of thoughts and items that don't bring my joy, happiness or a purpose.

~stay connected.  stay close to family and friends and disconnect from social media, this is one of my biggest time wasters.

~enlist help.  i will start taking advantage of programs like clicklist or delivery services (they have a produce one in our area) to save time and allow me to focus on more important things.  we will practice "tag team parenting" more and i will try to be more efficient in my use of time.

~get up earlier.  this is hard in the winter months (when it is cold and dark), but i so want to get out of bed and start my day before bowie does.  i could get stuff done in the morning, or sit and watch the news with my coffee in peace.  either way, this is time that could be used for ME!!!

~be in the moment and present!

this are similar to what i want to work on every year, but i have not perfected them yet!  but what i have learned is that the key to having everything is realizing you already do!  and this is so true for me!  this became very evident as we went through our last miscarriage.  i have a perfect husband (for me), a healthy and happy child as well as my family.  this is all you really need.  i want to be the best version of myself, so i have to work on the other things, but i am truly blessed!

pregnancy week 15!!!

this has been a mellow week.  jarad was off of work and we didn't do a whole lot, other than relax and enjoy some down time.  we are finally healthy again, after having been sick for way too long.  i am still tired, but that is nothing new.  we sent out our belated new years card this week and told the rest of our family and friends we are pregnant.  i am getting acid reflux a couple of times a week now, i am digging into my old pregnancy bag of tricks and starting to take zantac again.

as i mentioned before i put an "ask" out to my buy nothing group for boy clothes and i got a big response back.  i now have a dresser full of boy clothes in all sizes and my dear friend jen is also sharing some of her clothes with me, so i think we will be in good shape!  going throw bowie's clothes is way harder than i thought!!!  i get so sentimental and sad at the thought of how fast they grow!  i can only tackle one bin/size at a time, that is all my emotions can handle.  but i have almost completely gone threw her newborn bin.  i have given most of it to my sister and will be donating the rest to my buy nothing group.  a woman had an ask out for a friend, who had a daughter die of cancer last year and now she is pregnant with her rainbow baby.  they are drowning in medical bills, so she is looking for baby girl clothes.  this sounded like the perfect opportunity to give her the rest of my newborn stuff.  i will be saving a few items in each size that i can not bare to part with and putting them away as a keepsake for bowie as she gets older.  i will include a note with each item to tell her why it was sentimental to me.  my girlfriend also told me that it is fun to save any of their special dresses to use as doll clothes, i thought this was a great idea!

i feel like my belly is getting bigger and more noticeable.  i even caught jarad starring a couple of times, and he said "you actually look pregnant!"  i still have not had any weight gain yet, still down a few pounds.  but i have a feeling it won't be long before they start to creep back on.  my skin is the worst it has ever been!  i have red blotchy bumps on my cheeks.  they are not pimples and they are very dry.  i will see what my doctor says at my visit next week and i am also having my girlfriend who is an aesthetician take a look at my skin and the products i use to make some recommendations for me.

baby milestones...

~proportions are getting more normal
~heart is pumping blood, about 25 quarts a day
~eyes are moving to the front of the head
~baby can bend knees and elbows
~starting to grow hair
~baby can hear sounds now
~baby is the size of an avocado

Sunday, January 7, 2018

pregnancy week 13 & 14!!!

it's the holidays and these weeks just kind of melded together and we have been sick and busy so i lost track of time.  christmas was a blast!  although we all got sick, it was a very special holiday!  and being able to tell our family was awesome!  we will wait to the new year to tell our friends, but everyone is excited and surprised for a boy!  the family has been asking about names and throwing out some ideas.  we haven't found anything that sticks out at us yet, but we are working on it.  of course his name will have to be cool like bowie's and unusual, but not weird.

i am getting some acid reflux, which i feel like is too early to be getting.  i didn't get it with bowie until i was about half way through my pregnancy.  i still have not gained any weight!  in fact i am still down 2-3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  i am finding that although i don't have any food aversions, often times after cooking i have no interest in eating what i made.  and sleep wins the tiredness vs. hunger battle more times than not.  i also have not had much in the way of cravings, but i have had potato pancakes 3 times this season, so i would say i am enjoying those and am not sure if have had my fill yet.  my dad made them on christmas morning and they are such a treat!

i haven't had a chance to work out much lately.  i blame that on the holidays, company, sickness and being tired.  but i plan on changing this come the new year!  i truly feel that staying active my entire pregnancy with bowie helped me keep me at a healthy weight and bounce back quickly.  now that i know the gender i am starting to think about clothes!  i have been disappointed to not find much in the way of cute boy clothes.  they all seem to be sports related (which is not a thing in our house), preppy or nautical themed.  i do get excited when i find the space themed pj's or onsies, but in general i think the girls clothes are easier to buy for.  i did put an "ask" out to my buy nothing group and i received several gifts of baby boy clothes in all different sizes.  the other night i washed them all and folded and sorted them and separated by size.  luckily my good friend is also due with a boy and she is 2 months ahead of me.  she said she has tons of baby boy clothes that have been passed along to her and is happy to share!

baby milestones week 13...

~baby is the size of a kiwi
~baby can open and close its fists
~all digestive organs are developing their final shapes
~lungs are practicing breathing
~bones are getting more solid
~1st trimester is coming to an end

baby milestones week 14...

~lanugo (baby hair) is growing over baby's body
~lungs continue to develop
~baby is the size of a peach
~baby may be sucking its thumb
~lungs continue to develop and are practicing breathing
~babys refluxes are stronger
~arms are proportionate to the body but the legs are still somewhat shorter
~immune system is starting to develop
~doubled in weight since last week!
~producing white blood cells

pregnancy week 12!!!

this is a very hard week for me!  i am scrambling to get the apartment ready for company, christmas shopping done, food shopping and get the house clean for my family!  on top of all that i am finally feeling better from what feels like the never ending cold.  but i still don't have much energy to get everything done!  i am in bed right after bowie goes down and i am sleeping about 10-11 hours a night!  usually i am awake after jarad falls asleep but nope, i feel like my eyes close when my head hits the pillow!  and i have also been sneaking in naps when bowie naps in the afternoon as well.  i am looking forward to getting some of my energy back!

on top of getting ready for family and christmas, i have been stressing over my first trimester ultrasound and genetic screening.  as i have mentioned before this was the appointment we found out we had lost the baby.  so just knowing i have to go back into that room gives me anxiety.  until this point i haven't been able to put much thought or excitement into this pregnancy because i don't want to be disappointed again.  so tuesday the 19th of december at 8am we had our ultrasound and i am so happy to report that the technician said everything looks perfect and healthy!  he drew up a report and gave it to a genetic counselor to go over with us, and i also did blood work.  everything came back normal and at this point everything looks like it is progressing healthy and as it should!

the ultrasound technician also asked us if we wanted to know the gender of the baby and of course we did!  he said with 80% certainty it is a BOY, and this was confirmed by my blood work results a week later!  i am a little nervous as i don't know what to do with a boy, but i know that i will figure it out, and we are excited as we always hoped to have one of both! 

these pics were taken the morning of my appointment and i was 12 weeks 3 days pregnant, however when they measured the baby from the ultrasound, he was measuring big and came in at 13 weeks 1 day!  they won't be changing my due date, but just like his daddy, he could be a big boy!!!!

we left the appointment thrilled and relieved!  now i can finally think about telling our family!  i went out to walmart and bought some clear plastic christmas ornaments and some "its a boy"ribbon and plan on putting the ultrasound pic inside to let them know! 

baby milestones...

~liver and spleen are producing blood cells
~pancreas is beginning to release digestive enzymes
~muscular and nervous system are responding to each other
~baby can bend, kick, stretch and make faces
~kidneys are producing urine from the amniotic fluid that they ingest
~oxygen is coming from placenta
~baby is as big as a plum

pregnancy 11 weeks...

okay, shit is starting to feel real this week.  i have had a couple nights where i had acid reflux and queasiness.  can not complain, most of the time i feel great, just tired.  but i also had a scare this week.  i had spotting two times on different days.  went in to the doctor to check in on the baby and we found the heart beat right away (in the 160's) and we did an ultrasound as well.  everything is looking good and the doctor said that most likely the spotting is because of the progesterone irritating my cervix.  the gym is getting harder for me when it comes to doing weights (nothing too heavy or strenuous) so i am focusing more on cardio.  even carrying bowie sometimes can make me out of breath!

i am happy that i will be off of the progesterone and baby aspirin in about a week.  i think the progesterone is also making me really sleepy at night and makes me really thirsty!   i have had a couple of cravings this week, but once i eat it, i am good.  it is like i get something stuck in my mind.  one was a subway sandwich.  i saw an ad while at the gym and i had to get it for dinner.  it did hit the spot.  and the other one was for potato pancakes, maybe you saw my earlier post on it?  still no weight gain, but i am getting a belly.  sadly i did not take a belly pic this week.  once again, the anxiety took over with my spotting incident and i feel like until we have our next ultrasound (next week) i can't relax over this pregnancy.  of course i know that the stress is not good for me either.  but i hoping to feel more confident after we have our next appointment.

jarad keeps asking me how and when we want to tell our family.  to be honest, i am excited and scared and nervous over it.  i always get nervous to tell others that "i'm pregnant!"  for some reason it makes me shy and feel embarrassed.  this time around i have a lot more emotions around it.  my family comes for christmas, so we will plan on telling them when they come.  we will have our appointment a couple of days before they arrive, so i keep telling jarad, "lets just get through this next appointment and then we can figure it out."  but i still want to wait to tell our friends, so maybe early in the new year.

i am guessing that our local friends will be able to tell something is up between my belly getting more noticeable and no drinking for me.  but i can tell you one thing...i can't wait to tell my family so i can catch a break when they are here.  getting the house and guest house ready for 6 people has been a lot of work.  all fun and good stuff, but harder when you are pregnant and low on energy.  it is so lame, but i have been going to bed so early.  right after bowie, between 8-8:30 most nights.  i hope to get some energy back soon!

pregnancy week 10!

OMG still sick with a cold.  i feel better, but still have a scratchy throat and a stuffy or runny nose.  for the first time i am starting to feel pregnant.  of course i am tired, i fall asleep easily at night, which is unusual for me.  i have been going to bed shortly after bowie each night so around 8-8:30pm.  so lame, i know.  but it gets dark here early and it makes the nights feel much later than they are.  unfortunately i wish i could say that i am waking up early since i am getting enough sleep, but i am not!

this week i had a little bit of queasiness, nothing too bad and one night i even had acid reflux.  ohhh did that bring back bad memories of my terrible heart burn with bowie.  no cravings or aversions, although jarad sent me the menu for this peruvian chicken place in seattle and then i immediately started to crave my favorite place in LA, "chicken shack."  but then later that night i cooked chicken and got sick from the smell of it, so i got over it. no weight gain, and we are a quarter of the way cooked!  feeling bloated and getting a pooch.  luckily with winter time i can easily hide in large sweatshirts!

continuing to take my baby aspirin and progesterone and have another ultrasound on the 19th of this month.  then my parents arrive 2 days later for christmas, we will plan on telling them when they get here!  i am excited and nervous about this.  kinda worried my mom will freak out that i didn't tell her sooner, but i hope everyone understands how nervous we are this time around.  although this week within 2 days i had 3 people ask me if i am pregnant (my mom, my sister in law and my best friend).  i feel so uncomfortable lying to them, but again i hope they understand why we are choosing to wait. 

10 week milestones...

~end of embryonic period and beginning of fetal period
~kidneys, liver, brain and lungs are functioning
~head is the same size as body
~bone development continues
~start to see joints
~baby is the size of a date

pregnancy week 9!

i didn't take a picture this week, i realized i was filled with a lot of anxiety because our last loss stopped growing at 9.5 weeks.  i think i just wanted to get through this week and had to take it day by day.  my in laws were still in town for part of the week and we had fun with them after thanksgiving doing house projects, going to the neighbors house for dinner, museum of flight and lunch in issaquah.  but once they left i came down with a cold/flu.  i was incredibly achey for a day or two,but once that went away i was left with a cold that lingered and lingered!

pregnancy wise i still feel good, no weight gain, even after eating all those good holiday foods!  but having a cold while pregnant sucks.  there isn't much you can take and the only relief i can get is a warm bath, cozy pajamas and my bed.  luckily neither jarad or bowie got it, so i feel fortunate they stayed healthy.

i'm sorry i don't have more to report, like i said, i just want to get past this week and continue to grow this healthy baby.  hoping for a lighter mood next week.

week 9 milestones...

~babys reproductive organs will develop
~baby is the size of a grape
~heart is now fully formed
~heart is working to pump blood
~arm and leg bones begin to firm up
~trunk straightens

pregnancy week 8!!!

this week is thanksgiving and my in laws will be in town.  i am feeling great, hardly even remember i am pregnant most days, but the no drinking part at the holidays is hard to cover up.  i continue to feel bloated although i have not gained any weight.  i am getting anxious to tell our family, but we will wait one more month until christmas.  by that time i will have had my 2nd ultrasound and that one will be very nerve wracking for me, as it was at that appointment that we found out about our previous loss.

i have not had any cravings or aversions, so far this has been very easy on me.  i am tired, but that is about it, which is not out of the norm for me.

week 8 milestones...

~baby the size of a raspberrry
~arms and legs developing
~eye structure forming
~teeth buds forming
~lungs are forming
~placenta is still forming