Wednesday, February 28, 2018

a girl and her books...

i love how bowie has a deep interest in books and reading.  she can sit with her books for a long stretch of time.  today she wanted to take every single book out and look at each one after bath time...

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

bee magic!

i was hesitant to try this as the last time my mom recommended a lotion i hated it!  but this stuff is awesome!  it is "medicine mama's bee magic."  an all in one healing skin cream.  i have been using it on my face, hands and belly and it feels really nice without being greasy.  my face has improved so much since i started a moisturizing routine and now i have incorporated this product into my line up.  i believe she may have mentioned she got it at sprouts, but i am not positive.  either way i was not about to drive around looking for it in washington, so i go to my trusty source, amazon!  i was surprised that this stuff is not cheap.  but i think i got a good deal on it.  a 4 oz jar was $23 with a 20% coupon and then if you do subscribe and save it gives you another 5% off.  so i think it came out to about $18.  i have been using this stuff daily and loving it so i don't want to run out!  thanks mom!

Monday, February 26, 2018

22 weeks!!!

i am really starting to feel pregnant now and my belly has popped!  while i still consider myself to have an easy pregnancy i am definitely dealing with new aches and pains i didn't have with bowie.  maybe it is me getting older, maybe it is chasing a toddler on top of being pregnant or maybe it is because all pregnancies are different!  either way i am slower this time around!  it has been a good week, but this mama is going a bit stir crazy.  it is cold and we have had a bit of snow.  nothing that has stuck or lasted more than a day, but enough to make me want to stay warm inside and make the roads a bit more dangerous for driving.

the one day it did snow the night before the roads were too dangerous for jarad to drive into work, so he worked from home and boy am i glad he did.  out of nowhere i got very dizzy, weak, head achy and nauseous.  i had just sat down to eat a bowl of oatmeal and it came on suddenly.  i got chilled and went upstairs to run a bath.  i texted jarad from upstairs to let him know i didn't feel well and he came up to check on me.  i was shaking and needed to level out.  he gave me a candy to suck on thinking i may have low blood sugar.  i eventually got out of the tub and layed in bed but knew i was gonna throw up, and i did, and i felt much better after.  i took a nap and it mostly went away.  i was so scared that i got another stomach bug, but i think i ate something bad, or maybe it was a funny pregnancy symptom?!?!  i knew when it hit me that i wouldn't be able to take care of bowie and i got so weak so quick it was scary.  i am so thankful my husband was home to take care of me and bow.  that is really the excitement for the week.

our company has left and we are getting back into some normalcy after traveling and guests, however we have grandma coming at the end of the week!  baby boy is moving around so much!  my urge to nest, clean, organize and throw crap out is in overdrive!  i am hoping my mom can help me with some of this when she comes soon!  she wants to do a house project, but really there is nothing that i want to do, other than paint.  but the rooms i want to paint are the master and the guest room.  and i don't think it is a good idea for me to sleep in a freshly painted room, so we will wait on these until a better time.  i am dreaming of getting a house cleaner to do a thorough and deep clean before the baby comes!  and i am compiling a master list of all the things i want jarad to do around the house before we are zombies again.

i haven't been sleeping great at night, my mind seems to be racing.  and my snoogle body pillow is not working well for me this pregnancy.  it is taking up too much room in the bed and with lots of blankets on top i am feeling a bit weighted down and hard to move.  i am realizing that i am beginning to need some support when sleeping, so i ordered a wedge pillow for my belly and am excited to try it out when it arrives this week!  i think that i have finally put back on the weight i had lost, and will officially start tracking my weight gain from here on out.  haven't had any cravings or aversions, for the most part i feel like i eat normally, but i have noticed an increase in appetite recently. 

baby milestones...

~baby should weigh over a pound now, but about one-seventh of the final birth weight
~movements are deliberate and with purpose of preparing its motor skills and coordination
~baby has hair on head but it is white since the pigment has not developed yet
~skin is still translucent
~brain is beginning to go through a period of rapid growth and development
~uterus is about an inch above the belly button
~baby is about 12 inches long in length
~baby sleeps about 12-14 hours a day
~baby's pancreas is busy creating its own hormones
~baby is the size of an eggplant

Sunday, February 25, 2018

snoqualamie train museum...

bowie's new interest in trains had us checking out a new local train museum today.  it was chilly, but worth the drive and good mexican food afterwards!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

happy birthday!

this little one is starting to understand the perks of birthdays...cake and presents!  we had dinner at a friends house on friday night and we celebrated a belated birthday with cupcakes!  bowie has been saying "happy birthday" since!

Friday, February 23, 2018

"time will tell"...

gregory alan isakov has been on repeat in my house since i got back from vacation.  my favorite song of his is "the stable song" which i have posted before.  but here is another good one, you may recognize it from a subaru commercial.  his music and lyrics calm the soul.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

more snow!

jarad told me that typically february is the coldest month, well this is news to me!  we have had such nice weather in the 50's, not a ton of rain, longer days and i see signs of spring everywhere (as i posted last week). but we have had some snow in the last week.  not a lot, but a dusting.  but on wednesday night it did snow enough to make the roads too dangerous and icy for jarad to drive on and he worked from home the next day!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

23 months old!!!

these last few months have been so much fun with bowie!  she is growing into this sweet, funny, smart and curious little person.  her imagination is wild, her heart huge and her smile and laugh are contagious.  she is the happiest and even tempered kid i know and chill like mom and dad.  but she is also very particular about certain things.  she does not like a "mess" and insists on cleaning it up with the vacuum (this sounds like me) and knows when things are out of place.  if a pillow or decoration is out of place she has to put it back in its home.  and she is very meticulous about lining up her little babies and disney figures.  i'd say this is a combo of moms OCD and dads engineering skills.  either way it is funny to watch!

when she got sick with the stomach flu she lost some weight and it especially showed in her face.  i felt like i could see the little girl she would become with this prominent chin and defined check bones.  it made me sad to see my baby look like a big kid, and if you put her in pig tails well then she is sure to look a lot older than she is.  i'm glad she has regained her appetite and has baby face back!

this age has been so much fun for me to watch.  she is very into pretend play and able to communicate in sentences.  it blows my mind how her vocabulary and ability to put words together has snow-balled in a matter of weeks!  she is also making connections about who people are and who go together.  for example "grandma, grandpa and kitty cat." or "ari, jason and elyse."  and her memory about events is surprising.  i will tell her what we are doing the next day the night before.  and she will tell me people that are usually there or what to expect.  for example, i will tell her we have her little gym class the next day and she will tell me "shakers, balls, stamps, sticks and guitar."  these are all things we do at her gym class.

she is a busy body, she rarely sits still other than to watch an episode of mickey's clubhouse, puppy pals or elmo.  thank godness she is at an age where this can hold her attention for longer than 5 minutes, which was a god send when we traveled to california a couple of weeks ago or when we have my doctor appointments.  her big thing is to grab you by the hand and say "come on mommy or daddy." to get you to play or show you something.  but it sounds more like "mum on mommy."  it is a crack up!

i wish i could video and bottle up every cute thing she does, cause i don't want this age to end.  i am hoping we don't enter the terrible twos anytime soon or just bypass them all together.  and i can hardly believe she will be 2 in a month!  i am starting to make some birthday plans for her.  it will be different than last year.  i have 3 different groups of friends and i am thinking of doing small playdates with each of these groups instead of one big party.  so i know for sure that with our la leche friends we will be going to juz play in issaquah for a indoor play gym experience.  then i am toying around with the idea of a tea party and easter egg hunt or pizza making with my other groups.  still TBD, but i'll figure something out.  and then she has her mimi and papa coming the weekend of her birthday and we will be going to fox hollow farms!!!  so it's looking like we may have 4 smaller celebrations!

bowie milestones...

~size 6 shoe (almost size 7), size 6 diaper, size 3T pant, size 4T shirt, size 4T pajama
~eyes are dark hazel, hair is dark golden brown
~weighs about 31-32 pounds from our last dr appointment when we were sick and 2 feet 11 inches tall
~can talk in short sentences and too many words to count!
~loves mickey & minnie, trains, baby dolls, little people and her kitchen
~loves tubby time!  this can be an hour activity!
~down to 1 nap a day usually from 12-2 (sometimes a 3 hour nap if extra tired)
~bed time is between 7-8 and you usually sleep 11-12 hours
~still is not eating meat, but likes noodles of all kinds and fruit
~loves the llama llama book series and books of all kinds!  we read the "dada" book and 2 different llama llama books every night
~very good with manners.  she uses please and thank you for everything!
~still uses binky, but will transitioning off of this soon
~loves milk!!!  more attached to milk in her sippy cup than she ever was with the bottle
~has to sleep with 3 mini disney characters, bear, elmo and a larger minnie mouse and her 2 blankets
~loves to compliment and tell you things are "cute" or "pretty"...very good for the self esteem
~has a two year old molar coming in on the top left hand side
~learning to count, she can count to 3 right now
~learning the alphabet and can say the first 5 or so letters
~she can hum the tune of some songs like twinkle twinkle or itsy bitsy spider
~sings the clean up song all the time
~is starting to understand that mommy has a baby in her tummy.  sometimes she will lift her shirt and point to her belly button and say "baby!" or one time at my ultrasound she looked up at the screen and said "baby brother."
~loves saying "cut into pieces" at meal time.  she wants me to cut everything up for her
~has mastered her age appropriate puzzles
~she can identify some colors (yellow, purple, blue, green) and some shapes (heart, circle)
~likes to jump, which looks more like a gallop
~shows signs of empathy
~loves animals and knows all of their sounds

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

new obsession...trains!

bowie has a train table and all the pieces for it and she has become very interested in playing with trains lately.  we found thomas the train movie on netflix the other night and she was so excited!  we have a small train museum not far away, this will be a fun outing for us when grandma visits next week!

Monday, February 19, 2018

21 weeks!!!

it has been a good but tiring week.  we got back from vacation and are getting settled and back to our routine, but bowie is teething and although she is fine during the day she is keeping us up at night as she is in pain and uncomfortable.  this pregger mama feels hungover the next day with lack of sleep.  we have company staying with us, so i have been eating like i am on vacation as well.  between california and guests i have put on a couple of pounds, almost bringing me back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  i am thinking that it will probably start to stick by now.

we also had a check up this week and another ultrasound to grab a few pics they couldn't get last time.  everything is looking good and doctor is happy with progression.  although the appointment left me feeling extremely sad.  we got there for our ultrasound and checked in and they warned us we may have to wait to see the doctor because she delivered a baby that morning and was running a few minutes behind.  luckily we didn't have to wait too long and when she did get to us she sat down and then immediately got pulled out of our appointment by a nurse.  she came back about 15 minutes later and was clearly upset and teary eyed.  she said that one of her patients just had an ultrasound and had a full term demise.  the sonographer didn't want to tell her the news, so she grabbed the doctor.  it reminds me once again how blessed i feel to be more than half way there with a healthy babe and just how fragile and delicate this process is.  i have been very on edge with this pregnancy and will most likely be that way until i am holding my baby.  but my heart broke for that family and the feeling stuck with me for days.

this little guy is very active and i feel more movement throughout the day and at other times than when laying down.  at night when we go to bed jarad will always put his hand on my belly and see if he can feel anything.  and this week he could feel him kicking around.  i'm excited to be able to see my belly move, that is always fun and crazy.  i feel like the biggest physical change for me this week is my boobs, they feel like they did when i was breastfeeding bowie, ouch!

baby milestones:

~hair is growing on baby's head
~facial features are formed
~bone marrow is making blood cells
~baby's intestines are absorbing small amounts of sugar ingested from amniotic fluid
~baby can blink and eyelashes and eyebrows are formed
~baby should be about 11 inches long and almost 13 oz, but we know this guy is big!
~baby is the size of a cantaloupe

Sunday, February 18, 2018

snow day!

we have company in town and the forecast showed snow today, well we got it, but it was just a light dusting and didn't stick.  it was still fun to watch and play in, but not long lasting.  in fact we had sunshine in the afternoon which called for a rock hunt walk through the arboretum!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

zonked out!

bowie is getting her 2 year old molars and has been up a lot at night time.  this is how we all feel, but lucky her she can nap whenever and wherever she wants! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

signs of spring?!?!

we have had a very mild winter this year, and i feel like i have been seeing signs of spring everywhere lately.  the squirrels have been out for weeks now teasing wilred, the stores are getting rid of winter clothes, my hydrangeas are getting new buds and when i came home from california i had daffodils (a sure sign of spring time!).  however we are expected to get some snow this week, so we will see.  but i am excited for sunshine, playing outside and less layers of clothes! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

20 weeks!

yay, the halfway point!  wasn't sure if i would feel confident getting here and we have had some hiccups along the way, but i am feeling good after our recent ultrasound that we have a healthy and BIG baby boy!  yes, the ultrasound technician was asking how big bowie was at birth and if she came on time or not?  i knew what he was getting at...this baby is measuring big!  they won't adjust my due date at this point, but he is in the 90% for weight.  jarad was a huge baby at birth, so the thought scares me a bit! i was told that my placenta is big and has an extra "lobe" attached to it.  they are not concerned but will do some additional growth scans along the way to confirm it is functioning properly.

we are feeling good this week and i have made up all the weight i lost from having the flu.  so still down a few pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, but after this trip to california and getting some good food in, the pounds might start to creep on.  although my belly is getting bigger and bigger every week and more noticeable. i have been sleeping really well at night and in a deep sleep.  this is unusual for me, but a nice and much needed change!  i am starting to feel him kick and move more and more.  a feeling that never gets old!  the movements are getting stronger, so i think that very soon jarad will be able to feel him better, which is a fun experience to share. 

this week i have a lot going on and some of them are causing me some stress and anxiety, so i am working hard on making things simple for myself and only doing what needs to be done.

this week will be a different kind of belly shot, these are from my sisters baby shower last weekend.  she is 33 weeks along and also my dear friend nani, who is about 31 weeks.  lots of babies this spring and summer!!!

baby milestones...

~baby is practicing breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid and starting to produce meconium
~uterus may be pressing up against lungs
~baby has straightened out enough to measure from head to toe instead of crown to rump
~baby is about ten inches long
~developing more regular sleep patterns
~most of the energy the baby uses goes towards gaining weight
~placenta has reached its maximum thickness

Sunday, February 11, 2018

baby shower!

for the longest time i have been saving and collecting some of my favorite things to give to my sister when she has her first baby.  well now is the time as we celebrated her and baby yesterday!  i could have packed a whole suitcase alone, but i had to control myself! 

we have...

~baby socks (you can never have enough of these!)
~newborn baby mitten, so they don't scratch their face
~ergo baby insert
~boon grass drying rack and flower
~baby book
~organic wash cloths
~moby wrap
~car seat cover
~2 breast feeding books
~2 board books for baby
~plastic disposable place mats for dining out
~nuby mesh feeder
~teething necklace
~lovey (given to us by jamie's in-laws, but bowie is ready to pass along)

Thursday, February 8, 2018


the combination of losing weight and the cold winter weather makes my fingers shrink to the point that my rings are falling off my fingers!  i decided to give silicone rings a try.  i have a hard time not wearing a ring on my wedding finger, so i thought these would be a fun and comfortable option.  so far i am loving them.  i got a pack of 8 different colors and they are thin bands that you can stack. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

19 weeks!!!

this has been one of my roughest weeks yet.  not because of the pregnancy but because having the stomach flu while pregnant is miserable!  i was really sick for 2 days and on the 3rd day jarad started to not feel so well and bowie was showing signs of improvement but still off.  so i took a shower, washed my hair and did 8 loads of laundry and started to disinfect.  i still didn't feel great, but i was the healthiest one at the time and that was not saying a whole lot.  i was very dehydrated, i was so thirsty but couldn't keep anything down.  i ended up losing 3-4 pounds, so after all of this, i am 6 pounds down from my pre-pregnancy weight.  while writing this now, i fully have my appetite back and am making up those pounds i lost during the flu.

it is a very weird and strange sensation to feel this little guy dance and move around so much when i was sick.  i spent a lot of time laying down, which is when i feel him the most.  so i felt him all the time and being nauseous on top of it was crazy.  of course it was very reassuring to feel him being so active.  i feel like i have been sick at least 75% of the time this pregnancy, and not with morning sickness but with colds and now the flu.  i think my family has spent more than our fair share of time being sick this year, so i am hoping this is the last of it!  i have upcoming travel next week, so i am anxious to get our house healthy and back to normal.

i am excited to be nearing the half way point in my pregnancy.  i still feel very nervous and fragile and had to cancel a doctors appointment we had last week due to us being sick.  i have an ultrasound this week, so hopefully it will ease my mind once again!  i am blessed to have easy pregnancies, but this time around some things feel very different.  for example my heartburn/acid reflux came early on, i have developed some nasty varicose veins, when i am sitting and twisting my body sometimes i get this really weird pop sensation inside (and it is not coming from the baby) and i am still shedding my hair like crazy (it stopped when pregnant with bowie).  who knows, each pregnancy is unique and different and beautiful.

baby milestones...

~developing a waxy coating that will protect from amniotic fluid
~beginning to sprout hair
~building better coordination with arms and legs as neurons make connections with muscles
~measures about 6 inches long and weighs about 8.5 oz, size of zucchini
~proportionate arms and legs, fat layers under skin and facial features are forming
~baby is awake for about 6 hours a day
~uterus may have reached belly button this week

Monday, February 5, 2018

arts and crafts...

we have been doing a lot of play-doh, coloring and water beads since we have been sick and indoors a lot lately.  today we are making some valentines day cards to send!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

teepee tent!

our play room got a little make over recently.  the ball pit has seen better days and has a leak we can't seem to permanently fix.  we do have a new one, but i am gonna keep it in the closet until next year.  i also took out the trampoline and i put in our new teepee tent!  picked this cutie up at target on clearance for $20!!!  set it up with some pillows and of course minnie mouse and bowie is loving her new reading fort!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

potty talk...

the stomach is flu is no laughing matter, until you hear bowie say "diarrhea cha cha cha."  sorry guys, but it's been a rough week...

Friday, February 2, 2018

pretend play...

bowie is very into pretend play with her stuffed animals and dolls and today she was all about feeding elmo and giving him his medicine.  what a good lil mama!