Saturday, March 31, 2018

egg hunt at lake wilderness...

our community put on a very fun easter event today with an egg hunt, bounce house, easter bunny photos, snacks and activities.  i am so glad we went and participated and ran into several friends there as well!

Friday, March 30, 2018

bye bye binky...

jarad said after her birthday he wanted to get her off of her binky.  we were doing really well only using it for nap time, bed time and car rides.  but being so sick this winter really made bowie want her binky all the time and regress.  so you can imagine that i have been dreading this, but luckily it was only a short term pain when we gave up her bottle at 18 months, so i am hoping it will be a similar experience.

so this afternoon we went in the front yard and she threw them into the yard for the baby deer and goats.  she didn't ask for them at bed time and reminded us about the baby animals using them.  she had a hard time settling down to go to sleep, and we each took turns going into rock her.  she wasn't crying or upset, but just couldn't go to bed.  she woke up once in the middle of the night crying for her binky.  i rocked her and told her we all needed our sleep so we could have fun at the easter egg hunt the next day.  she calmed down and said she was ready to go back to bed.  and she did for the rest of the night. 

in the morning she didn't ask for it either nor at nap time either.  however, she tossed and turned at nap time and never fell asleep.  so it hasn't been too bad as she is not crying for it, but it is hard for her to settle down to sleep.  hoping that will won't last too much longer and we can all get the rest we need!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

friends birthday party...

today we celebrated a friends birthday and they had so much fun at bowie's birthday they decided to have it at the same indoor kids gym!  she was worried bowie would be bored there, but she didn't want to leave and had a blast playing with her besties.  and she a cake pop (her first ever) and a fun goodie bag on the way out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

happy birthday jarad!

wishing this guy a very special birthday!  your family can't wait for you to get home to celebrate and make you feel loved!

Monday, March 26, 2018

26 weeks!!!

another week down and one more week to go until i am in my 3rd trimester!  most of the time it feels like it has gone so quickly.  i remember just telling our family at christmas, which doesn't feel like that long ago.  i hope that is an indicator of how the last trimester will go for us.  pregnancy wise this was a pretty easy week.  we had my in laws in town for a visit, which was super fun!  it was also great to have some extra helping hands and of course the best kind of entertainment for bowie! 

unfortunately i didn't make it to the gym at all last week because bowie was sick and we had company, so that will be a big priority for me this week!  i need to stay active and healthy!  bowie got a nasty cold and i was a little under the weather, but it never turned into anything for me!  i did take a lot of naps last week and had some sleepless nights with bowie as well, so i played catch up with sleep and resting.  i am finding it hard to roll over in bed, LOL.  i am liking my wedge pillow for belly support and my big body pillow is folded in half and being used as a normal pillow.  with the time change and it getting darker later, it is getting unacceptable for me to go to bed so early as it is barely dark out. 

my belly is getting bigger, harder and round.  i am noticing how i carry him differently than with bowie.  i have mentioned it before but he is low, causing lots of uncomfortable pressure for me.  and i have two gnarly varicose veins to show for it.  i have no linea negra or stretch marks.  i am finding that my hair and nails never really benefited from all the prenatals this time around, and my nails are very brittle.  he must be sucking every last nutrient from me, but i am taking my vitamins everyday and have increased some of them as well.  no cravings or aversions, i eat pretty normal.  but i have been wanting to snack on salty things lately, pretzels seem to hit the spot. 

weight gain this week = 1 pound
total weight gain = 3.5 pounds

baby milestones...

~putting on lots of fat to help regulate body temp
~eyes are starting to open
~borrowing my antibodies to build his immune system
~most of his remaining development will be putting on weight and height
~over 14 inches long
~responsive to sounds and light
~size of a butternut squash or papaya

Sunday, March 25, 2018

visit with mimi and papa!

my in laws have been in town for the last few days for a visit and unfortunately they leave tomorrow.  here are some of the highlights of their hollow farms for the easter festival, rocking the arboretum, birthday celebrations, visiting the old trains in north bend and most of all just playing around the house!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

mom MUST have!!!

i am sure i have mentioned a million times that we have been sick A LOT this winter!  i love me some lysol, but this is a mom must have!  it is seventh generation brand and can be purchased at target for about $5 a can.  i love to spray down bowie's toys and all surfaces when we get sick and the best part is you don't have to rinse off!  i usually lay down a towel and spread her toys out and let them dry for half hour or so.  and it is a lot easier to spray down handles and door knobs then to wipe them with clorox or lysol wipes.  it's quick, easy and effective!

Friday, March 23, 2018


the other day i came to some important a new mom and parent i found myself lacking confidence and feeling insecure about choices or decisions at times.  however 2 years later, i realize i am far more confident in this role and never doubt my gut instinct.  as we grow and evolve as people the same is true for the ones around us.  sometimes people grow with us and sometimes they grow apart.  when we first moved to washington i was desperate for new friendships for myself and our family.  but as we have created our own home here and grown as a family i realize that not all of these friendships/relationships are a good fit for one reason or another. so it became real clear to me today that...

~i can let go of some of the friendships that no longer work for me at this time or create new expectations for them
~i need to expand my mom tribe with some new blood that more closely ties into my thoughts or beliefs
~i've matured into this mom role nicely when i can cut past the BS and put my family first without feeling bad
~as moms and parents i am not going to judge, we are all doing our best, but we are all on different paths and "parent" differently.  sometimes our styles just don't mesh well.
~i can speak up and be assertive without being a bitch
~sometimes the motto "good for you, but not for me" is very fitting

not only other great moms, but an awesome and supportive husband as well!

Thursday, March 22, 2018


look at these beauties from our neighbors!  nothing like farm fresh eggs for breakfast!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

2 years old!!!

i am back dating this post because it has been so hard for me to write.  i can hardly believe our little girl is 2!!!!!  they say the days are long and the years are short and this statement could not be truer.  it seems like a blink of an eye that we moved to washington, had a baby and fell in love with our sweet bowie rae!  i could not be more proud of the little person she is growing into.  she is kind, compassionate, sweet, silly, helpful, funny, curious, sensitive, brave, daring, beautiful and incredibly smart!

my friends tell me how easy i have it, and i know this is true.  bowie you are so level headed, calm, easy going and a joy to be around!  these can be rare qualities for a two year old!  you love being outdoors, you could play in the backyard for hours and keep yourself busy.  i can't tell you how happy this makes us.  i love that you have a respect for animals and nature and this is something close to our hearts for daddy and i.  whether it is playing with a bucket and shovel, petting an animal, digging in the dirt, helping daddy with chores, rock hunting, hiking, going to the lake, playing on the playground or gardening you love to get dirty and being outside.  you don't even mind getting bundled up if it means being outside (this is all daddy, you did not get this from me).

you are great at pretend play.  you pretend to feed your babies and walk them around in the stroller, cook for daddy and i, pack up your purse get in your car and chat with grandma on your phone, you like playing with little people in the town we have set up or even how you tuck in your dolls with blankets and get them ready for bed.  i can see you will be a nurturer and a great big sister!

you love your books and doing arts and crafts!  this makes mommy so happy!  you definitely have some favorite books that we have read over and over and over again.  currently that rotation includes "llama llama i love you", "dadda", "ten tiny tickles", and "chicka chicka boom boom."  you have a great memory (like daddy) and sometimes you will pull out a book that we have only read a few times or sometimes we haven't read it in months and you will remember the title or the characters in it, and it blows me away!  you have a highlights magazine subscription and you love getting it in the mail and reading them together.  sometimes you sit in your room and pull out your bin of books and take each one out and look at it, this can keep you occupied for quite some time.  and on the subject of art, you love to play with stickers, use crayons or markers in your coloring books, paint with water, take notes or play with play-doh.

you also enjoy playing with your train set, rocket ship and your tool box, things that may not be considered typical for a little girl, but we love this about you.  i like to think you are well rounded.  when given the choice you picked out the blue rain boots over the pink ones.  i also think your favorite color is yellow (at least at this point.)  you are also really good at throwing a ball.  a skill that you have somewhat recently mastered and do with a lot of force!  you gravitate to playing with the big kids and your favorite friend is a 4 year old boy named james.  although he has a sister your age,  you prefer to play with him and look up to him quite adoringly.  but not to be mistaken, you have a very feminine side as well.  you are interested in jewelry, painted nails, dresses, occasionally a hair bow and all things "pretty or cute."

you make us so proud in your developmental milestones, accomplishments and the person you are growing up to be.  we are so lucky that you chose us to be your parents and always promise to guide you, encourage you, protect you, respect you and most importantly love you unconditionally. although you tell me you are a "big girl" you will forever be my baby!  happy 2 year birthday to our sweet bowie rae!!!

bowie milestones...

~size 6 diapers, but is showing an interest in potty training.  we practice on a potty chair and the potty seat on the toilet, but i need to be more consistent.  but she loves the idea of "big girl panties."
~size 4t shirt, size 4t pant, size 7 shoe, size 4t pajama
~eyes are a dark hazel and hair is a dark golden blonde/light brown
~getting 2 year old molars
~weighs 34.45 pounds at her two year old check up (off the charts!)
~height is 37.5 inches at her two year old check up (off the charts!)
~18.9 inch head circumference (64% percentile) at two year old check up
~like clock work we hit a 2 year sleep regression around her birthday.  she is pushing back on nap time and bed time
~weekly activities include toddler time, little gym and play dates
~working on ABCs and numbers
~mastered puzzles
~can talk in short sentences (3-5 words) and has a large vocabulary
~gave up her binky very easily!!!
~can sing and hum songs like "twinkle twinkle", "wheels on the bus", and sings her favorite one "happy birthday!"
~very picky eater.  still not eating meat.  likes most pasta and fruit.
~can identify shapes and colors
~recognizes space by saying things like "over there", "upstairs", "down there"
~really good with manners such as please and thank you

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

25 weeks!!!

i think i need to give myself permission to acknowledge that this pregnancy is different on my body and that is OK.  i think (or don't remember correctly) i had an easy pregnancy with bowie.  and in all my pregnancies i have never had morning sickness, so i consider myself very lucky!  but i feel like i am carrying this baby differently which is making it more uncomfortable for me.  not to mention the exhaustion is hard and the physical exhaustion of a keeping up with a toddler is no joke!

i had my monthly check up this week and everything is good.  not much to report, but there will be some changes with my doctors office since she is moving locations, so we talked about and planned how my appointments will go for the month of april.  it will actually be a busy month with 3 doctors appointments in april.  my doctor will be on vacation when i am scheduled to do my gestational diabetes test, so i will do my blood work and see another doctor that day to get familiar with the new office, then i have a 28 week growth scan and then will end the month with seeing my normal doctor when she returns from vacation.

baby boy is moving around a lot and you can even see it if you watch my belly.  bowie likes say "baby belly" a lot and even will tell jarad he has one too!  we are trying to get her used to the idea of sharing things when he arrives.  we set up my car with the infant car seat as well as bowie's car seat to see how it would feel, and at first bowie seemed a bit jealous and said "no bow bow's car seat." but she seemed to warm up to the idea.

i haven't been having any major cravings, just lots of snacking, both salty and sweet!  i have been loving fresh salads for lunch and honeycrisp apples and oranges.  but don't get me wrong, i have eaten my share of salted carmel ice cream and love my carbs!

weight gain this week = 1 pound
total weight gain = 2.5 pounds

baby milestones...

~lungs are continuing to develop
~hair is thickening and probably has a color
~nostrils are starting to open
~new sense of balance and can tell which side is up and which way is down
~about 14 inches long
~between 2- 2.5 pounds!
~size of a cabbage
~primitive memory is developing
~his spine has 1000 ligaments, 150 joints and 33 vertebrae

Monday, March 19, 2018

that moon song...

i know my family can't take it anymore, including wilfred.  but my obsession with gregory alan isakov's music is my latest fav, "that moon song"

Sunday, March 18, 2018

family hike...

i may have over estimated my hiking abilities while pregnant, but thanks to super dad for carrying this heavy load and taking the dog!  oh yah and making me eat a snack along the way to keep my sugars up! 

bowie fell asleep shortly after we got in the car to head home and we both took a long afternoon nap!

taking notes...

bowie has been very into "taking notes with pen and paper" this week.  she loves to sit at the table with a pad of paper and pen and markers and "take notes."  it can occupy her for quite some time too.  my mom reminded me of how she used to gather stacks of applications and forms because i liked to do the same thing, but i am sure i was a lot older.  this little one cracks me up!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

cutest toes ever!

i wasn't sure when this day would come, but as she is rapidly approaching 2 years old, bowie is starting to get into girly things.  she likes to compliment that things are "pretty or cute."  and she is wanting to wear "pretty dresses" or "pretty bows" in her hair. 

so this afternoon while she was playing in the tub, i painted my toe nails as tubby time can be over an hour!  well...she was very interested in my "pretty pink nails" and wanted the same!  so of course i painted her toes and they are the absolute cutest!