Monday, April 30, 2018

31 weeks!!!

last week was a particularly hard one for me.  on top of my normal complaining of pregnancy aches and pains i cut my finger and the next day it started to throb.  at the time it didn't bleed much and didn't hurt too bad, but it has caused me so much pain for days now.  it is better and i don't think it is infected but it is still tender and gets in the way of doing things.  and i get so grossed out when cleaning it that i blacked out and get faint.

i am still having a hard time sleeping at night and am very restless.  but moving around and switching positions is also difficult for me.  i have been napping almost everyday when bowie naps and that has been helpful.  my heartburn hasn't been too bad this week but there were a few days my appetite and snacking was out of control.  no new cravings or aversions.  i have been eating a lot of uncrustables, they have been a fav of mine since my college days.  i know they are not the best, but i know i could be eating worse too.  i could seriously live off of peanut butter and jelly.

weight gain this week = 2 pounds
total weight gain = 9 pounds

people are starting to comment that i am really starting to show and have "popped" out of nowhere.  i don't think they realize i am due in 2 months either.  i feel like that happened a while ago, but with the warm weather upon us i am not wearing big baggy sweatshirts that hid the bump pretty well for a long time.  not that i was hiding it, but winter clothes definitely made it hard to see what was going on underneath.  a lot of my pregnancy clothes from bowie are just too big for me and i have been selling them off.  kinda sad to see them go, but i won't ever wear them again.  and there are some pieces, especially a couple of maternity dresses and tanks that i love (so happy i am finally getting to wear them)!  i wonder how long i can get away with wearing those after the baby, LOL!

unfortunately i didn't make it to the gym at all last week.  any sort of physical activity will send me right into braxton hicks and it is uncomfortable!  it will be nice to get back into it, hopefully in late summer, but at this point i just need to listen to my body.  and it is telling me that i will either pay for it or i would benefit greater from the time to myself and let jarad take bowie to the kids room at the gym.  maybe it is time to put my membership on hold???  and let me tell you my varicose veins, they continue to get worse.  it is so sad and they are so ugly!  they are traveling down my thighs to my calfs now.  my doctor says they will get better after pregnancy, but i don't expect them to go away. 

one newer thing that has been coming up for me (although i have been feeling like this for a while) is the sensation of being "touched out."  this is a term more commonly used by breastfeeding moms and i feel very guilty feeling this way, but it has been getting worse and worse for me.  it is the idea that we are "touched" all day by our babies/kids and we begin to feel like our bodies are not our own.  i absolutely love bowie snuggles, hugs and being close to her in any form, but at night time is when i feel this way.  in particular bed time.  i go to bed shortly after her, at this point i am done.  i need my quiet time, space and room to relax.  lately she has been getting very wild at bed time and is running up and down the hall, hiding in our room, pestering the dog and gets a 2nd wind.  we go through our routine, which involves her sitting on my lap while jarad reads her books and then she drinks her milk and we cuddle until i tuck her in.  but there is little room on my lap and i am very protective of my belly because she always seems to poke or jab me with her elbows.  and she is so big that i can not sit comfortably with her anymore and it causes me back aches.  this combination of everything leaves me feeling touched out by the end of the day and very irritable at bed time.  in addition, this little guy is getting quite violent with his kicks and movements and can have me up for hours at night or startle me during the day.  there are times i feel like i have an alien inside my belly.  while i love feeling him, sometimes these movements cause me pain or are extra uncomfortable if i am dealing with bowie on my lap.  i was thinking back to my pregnancy with bowie and i had an anterior placenta which acted like a pillow and buffered some of those intense kicks.  this time around i feel everything and i am just waiting to capture one of those crazy pics where you can literally make out the body part through your tummy!

baby milestones...

~fat is accumulating under the skin
~baby could gain up to a half a pound a week until birth
~bones are hardening
~he is practicing breathing 30-40% of the time, although the lungs are the last to develop
~adrenal glands have doubled in size over the last ten weeks
~uterus is about 4.5-5 inches above belly button and space is limited!
~going through major brain and nerve development
~all 5 of baby's senses are in working order

Sunday, April 29, 2018

4th bedroom?!?!?

not sure if this will be used as bowie's big girl room or the nursery, but i have collected some art work and my inspiration was "boho space."  seems like a fun gender neutral theme to go with.  i wasn't really sure how to combine the two and it is not done, but here is an idea of what i have been playing with. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

sharing the love...

i was blown away by the generosity i received today.  a woman posted in our la leche league facebook group that she had an abundance of baby boy clothes to share.  i told her i would be interested and look at what she gave me!!!  a huge box of clothes, ranging in size, but mostly newborn to six months.  after going through my stuff, i am particularly low on newborn and 0-3 month size, so this is wonderful!  although i wonder how long this lil BIG guy will be in newborn clothes!  she gave me so much that i already have 2 trader joes bags ready to gift to someone else.  i am overwhelmed by her generosity and kindness to share and i will be spreading the love by gifting those 2 bags of clothes and the rest as we grow out of them! 

Friday, April 27, 2018


we have been working on saying her full name and she has it down!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

feels like summer...

83 degrees today!  seems like a great day for a popsicle outside to cool off.  she is loving wearing shorts and tshirts!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

yard work...

this little was helping daddy rake leaves in the yard tonight, she is such a great helper!  we sure are loving these long days, but it does make for late dinners and bed time, i can barely get bowie to come inside!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

parenting book!!!

this is a must have for every parent who has a kid over a year old!  i may be late to the party, but everytime i read a question or concern about discipline in a parenting or mommy forum/group this book is brought up often.  it is a great read about how to teach your kids responsibility and independence in a loving and logical (hence the name) way.  i especially love the way they teach you how to talk to your kids to promote encouragement and making choices but still allow for failure and learning opportunities.  this is a great tool for anyone with a toddler or young child. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

30 weeks!!!

wow, we are 75% cooked!  it feels like such a short amount of time until he will be here, and the rest of the pregnancy has gone by quickly too.   i guess time flies by when you are having fun, or chasing a toddler all the time.  it's been a decent week.  i have been very tired, like all the time, thank goodness for naps!  but that means it cuts into my own time to be productive. so last weekend i sent jarad and bowie out of the house so i could catch up on cleaning and house projects uninterrupted.  good thing my OCD allows me to keep the house in check during the week, but i still feel behind.  i have mentioned it before, but i can not wait to get someone in here to do a deep clean on the house!!!

the weather is getting nice, we have been spending a lot of time outside, but it is also allergy season.  my car had a film of yellow pollen on it the other day, which is affecting my sinuses.  it feels like the never ending cold from a few weeks ago, but at this point i am certain i am dealing with allergies.  and as soon as i lay down at night i get stuffed up.  and jarad says i have been snoring a lot lately.  speaking of sleep, that has been getting harder and more uncomfortable.  i know the week before i said i was sleeping well, well not so much this week.  i have had a harder time falling asleep and getting comfortable.  if i end up on my right side i will get bad belly cramps, i think his head is on my lower right hand side of belly.  and it's been fun at bed time to lay there and feel him kick, he has been getting violent lately.  there was one night that jarad had his hand on my belly and lil guy was going crazy and throwing elbows at him.  it actually hurt me and i jumped it was so hard and intense, it gave us both a good laugh.  this has also been the first week that i have been able to feel hiccups. 

any sort of physical activity is getting harder on my body.  going to the gym sets me into braxton hicks contractions.  i can only walk at a very low incline and at a very slow pace.  but if i can still do it, i will, i feel it's important to my overall health.  picking bowie up is extremely hard, and she is slowly getting kicked off my lap as my belly gets bigger and bigger, there is limited space now for her to sit comfortably and cuddle.  bending down or trying to get up from a sitting position is also hard for me.  the only time i really find myself out of breath is if i am carrying bowie up the stairs.

everyone tells me how small i am and are surprised that i am due in 2 months, but i sure don't feel small.  i don't have the linea negra yet or stretch marks.  but my varicose veins are getting worse and going down my legs.  some of them even hurt a bit.  i don't have any cravings or aversions.  i just eat as i normally would but there is no holding back or dieting.  there were a couple of days i felt like my appetite was increased, and i carbed up with some spaghetti and tacos and that hit the spot! 

i did have a doctors appointment today late afternoon and everything is looking good and healthy.  the one thing that i hear at every appointment is how big he is.  the doctor said he is measuring 2 weeks ahead.  currently he is still in a head down position and has a strong heart beat.  we will monitor his size over the next couple appointments and the frequency of my doctor visits will start to increase.  i need to get my TDAP shot in the next couple of weeks.

weight gain this week = 1 pound
total weight gain = 7 pounds

baby milestones...

~lanugo may be falling off as he is getting enough fat to keep himself warm without it
~he will start putting on half a pound a week until birth
~vision development is about to speed up
~approximately 17 inches long
~size of cantelope
~weighs over 3.5 pounds

Sunday, April 22, 2018

the guest house...

pregnancy hormones have me quite emotitonal and i was recently introduced to this poem that allows me permission to feel all the feels.

"the guest house" by rumi

Saturday, April 21, 2018

2 years and 1 month!!!

i don't know when they stop counting a babies age in months, but she seems too old now to call her "25 months?"  anyways, this little girl is growing up so fast and is turning into one active, busy and curious little person.  she loves to snuggle, nurture and do arts and crafts like mom.  and she loves to be outside, get dirty and learn how things work like dad.

she amazes me with her communication skills and is able to put together sentences.  she will surprise me with her vocabulary and throw out a word i have never heard her say before.  she also is very affectionate and gives the best hugs, occasional kisses and great back rubs.  she likes to be a helper and does a good job of cleaning up her toys or helping us with everyday tasks.  she sorta gets the idea of being a big sister and me having a baby in my belly.

we recently discovered mcdonalds play place and she loves it!  she also loves the toys that come in the happy meal, although she just has a few fries and maybe some apple.  she gives continues to make meal time difficult for me.  she still remains a vegetarian and the only consistent foods i can get her to eat are some form of pasta and fruit.  she loves her milk and now demands that it be "hot."

very recently she has been great at playing independently in the play room.  she usually plays with her doll stroller, babies, purses and phone and has some sort of pretend play situation going on.  it is fun to sit back and watch her be a lil mama and entertain herself.  she is obsessed with any kind of cute stuffed animal (please do not buy us anymore!).  she has to sleep with them in her crib, she brings them in the car and has them all over the house.  everyone is "cute" to her and she must have several on her at all times.  stickers are also a big winner these days, and keep her busy for a long time!  although she still hasn't totally figured out that when you put a sticker on a surface it is staying there. 

craft from toddler time that she did all by herself!  i was so impressed with how she stayed within the circles!

she knows basic shapes, can identify colors, and can count to three and knows other numbers.  she is also really good at defining space by saying things like "over there" "under here" etc.  she is learning her ABC's and we try to say them every night at bedtime and she repeats each letter.  books are a big hit around here and she is a creature of habit with her bedtime books, they are on repeat!  she likes watching elmo, teletubbies, llama llama and mickeys playhouse.  i limit her screen time, but lately she has been so good about playing on her own that it hasn't been an issue and she would prefer to be outside or in the playroom.  going shopping with her is always an adventure.  she is interested in everything!  she points and says "this" and wants to hold, touch and feel everything that she sees.

she practices great manners with her pleases, thank you and no thank yous.  but is still learning about interrupting and taking turns talking.   she is getting better at sharing, but can sometimes get pushy at her little gym class with taking turns.  we are trying to teach "gentle hands" and she towers over most kids her age.  and she has a ton of long beautiful golden locks which also make her look a lot older than she is. 

she is starting to have more of an opinion about what she wants to wear, when she wants to take a bath, go to bed or nap.  i wouldn't say we have hit the terrible twos, but bedtime has been more difficult lately.  i chalk this up to the longer days and it being light out when she goes to bed, 2 year old molars and not needing as much sleep.

she is incredibly level headed and even tempered.  my friends tell me how lucky i am that she is so well behaved and i know this to be true!  i am lucky she is ours and she is so full of love and light.  this little one makes everyday and adventure and fills it with so much love and laughter.  i am proud of the person she is growing into and proud of us for the job we are doing as parents.

Friday, April 20, 2018

imperfect produce???

i recently signed up for a new produce delivery service (because i am all about making my life easier these days) and i love the concept behind it.  they deliver blemished produce that may have otherwise gone to waste.  you can chose from a organic box of fruits and veggies or a fruit or veggie box only.  i chose the fruit box and received our first delivery last night.  i am sad to say how disappointed i was with our first delivery.  the box was skimpy in size, and didn't provide much of a variety and arrived late.  the verdict is still out on if i will be giving them a second chance or not. 

i still think this is a great idea and you can customize your box, so if this peaks your interest check them out here

Thursday, April 19, 2018

soaking in the sun!

again, not as warm as i would hope, but sunny and beautiful out!  our favorite thing is to play outside after nap time!  and good news is we have no rain in the forecast for the next week and the temp will continue to get warmer and warmer!

we spent almost 3 hours in the backyard this afternoon!  which really builds up a good appetite for dinner and helps with a good night sleep!  win win all around!  this little loves to dig in the dirt, play with bubbles, draw with chalk, pick up sticks and kick a ball with daddy!  this is what being a kid is all about! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

opt outsie!

we didn't have rain, and the sun was out (sorta) but it was not as warm as it looked.  but we couldn't resist playing outside after nap time.  these were my favorite times from last summer and i am so happy we get to recreate them!

loving on the bump...

this baby belly has received lots of love lately.  wilfred was all snuggled up against my belly and i was waiting for him to get kicked and get annoyed, but instead we both enjoyed a sweet cuddle.

and speaking of loving on the bump, i received an extremely generous gift through my local buy nothing group.  someone posted a bunch of baby boys clothes new with tags ranging in size from newborn to 6 month and wanted them to go to an expecting mother.  this was such an awesome gift and a lot of people commented on it, but wanted it to give to someone else as a present.  i was the only one who was expecting myself and will be re-gifting it back to the group once we grow out of it, so she chose me!  i think there are 8 or 9 outfits or carters sets total and all super cute!  if you haven't read about what a "buy nothing" group is, it is NOT a charity group, but rather a group within your community comprised of your immediate neighbors who believe in reusing, recycling and repurposing.  we believe in being resourceful and "asking" or "gifting" items before shopping or throwing out in hopes of being more economical and being kinder on the environment.  these are the baby boy clothes that were so kindly gifted to me!  if you are interested in joining, look on facebook for your local buy nothing group and request to join.  i was not aware of this until i moved to washington, but i love this philosophy and have been the recipient to many awesome gifts from a post hole digger to baby clothes and toys to home decor!  and i have also gifted lots of cool stuff as well! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

rain boots!!!

jarad is so good at letting bowie do age appropriate activities in the yard when he is working.  he lets her help him wash his bike, clean up trash or last weekend he cut down a dead tree in the backyard and he had her help him pile the sticks.  she loves being his helper and gets a lot of enjoyment from being outside and playing with daddy!  the two of them did some serious yard work, but her shoes and feet got wet.  i don't know how we have lived in washington for over 2 years and she doesn't have a proper pair of rain boots.  so it was time for mommy to get her some!  she picked the blue ones over the pink and loves wearing them!

Monday, April 16, 2018

29 weeks!!!

this was a better week for me, and i had a couple of doctors appointments, so it seemed i had that to look forward to.  the week started off with my glucose test, which wasn't so bad.  and then the next day i had a growth scan appointment and it is always fun to see our lil guy.  he was so active during the ultrasound and he is very healthy and BIG!  i write these posts for the completed week before, so when i had my ultrasound last tuesday (almost a week ago) he was measuring 29 weeks and 6 days, and his head was even bigger! they say he is weighing in at 3 pounds 3 oz, and his head is facing down now, although that could change at any point, but she said it usually stays that way.  that was good news for me because for some reason i have been concerned about having a breech baby.  this also explains his movements.  i get lots of movement on my lower right hand side of belly (where his head is) and top left hand side of belly (where his feet are).  i never was able to tell what body parts i was feeling when bowie would kick, so this information was helpful.

i only made it to the gym once last week, i was just not able to be on my feet that long without really paying for it.  jarad suggested some pre-natal yoga and stretching which would be a good idea and probably pretty helpful.  we booked our vacation to california to meet the newest member of the family, so that is only a few short weeks away.  not that we have any travel plans after that, but this will be the last time i am able to fly while pregnant.

no food cravings this week.  jarad has been eating peanut butter and honey on toast for breakfast and that was always a fav of mine as a kid.  so i have been having that as well all week long, but i also put banana on mine.  the heartburn is in full effect, i have been taking zantac most days of the week, just like last week.  i think about where i was at in my pregnancy with bowie and how i was feeling at this stage.  and around this time i had my baby shower in california and was a couple of weeks away from moving.  i think the move had me so pre-occupied that i didn't have the time to slow down.  i think age, being a 2nd pregnancy and having a toddler to chase around all make for a harder pregnancy this time around.  i start to look at the calendar and realize that it really isn't that far away.  the thought of it makes me excited and nervous at the same time.  the good thing is i know i have everything he will need (with the exceptions of diapers, but i'll get those soon).  i just have some more organizing to do to really feel prepared.

surprisingly i have been sleeping really well. bowie is going through some sort of sleep regression so i never know what nap time and bed time hold.  it wasn't AS BAD this week, so i was able to get more uninterrupted sleep.  i did take a few naps along the way, which i always feel guilty about, but i also got some projects done as well.  i know the 3rd trimester can bring on insomnia, and i already deal with that when i am not pregnant, so i will take all the sleep i can get while i can get it.  i know things will change very soon!  i have my next doctors appointment next week and i have a list of questions for her.  one question i get all the time is about names.  this has been a hard one for me.  it was so much easier picking out a girls name, and there is the added pressure that it has to be a great name because he will carry on the family name.  also with our history of miscarriages i have been hesitant to commit to a name, because i don't want to jinx anything.  i have a feeling we may be going back and forth with names up until the end.  but one thing is for certain, it won't be a traditional name.  lots of people tell me i should name him "david."  and i fall for this joke everytime.  then i would have a david bowie, LOL.

weight gain this week = 1 pound
total weight gain = 6 pounds

baby milestones...

~brain is in charge of maintaining body temp and controls breathing
~irises can respond to light by dilating and contracting
~all internal organs are maturing and preparing to function on their own after birth
~baby should be about 16 inches tall
~size of pineapple

Sunday, April 15, 2018


i got one of these fun word/sign boards at target last week and am having fun finding new quotes to put on it.  this one is an appropriate reminder when you live in washington!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

cooking with a toddler...

bowie has been a big help around the house lately.  so i thought she would enjoy helping me in the kitchen.  we have made pizzas a couple of times now and it is fun to let her help me with cooking.  this is a great one to do, i prep the pizza dough and let her spread the sauce and sprinkle the toppings.