Thursday, May 31, 2018

water beads day 2!

to my surprise i did get a 2nd day out of the water beads.  i added some more water beads to the bin and covered them overnight.  in the morning i added her foam alphabet letters and small rubber duckies.  i gave her some spoons and a bowl and an ice cube tray.  i told her to fish out all the letters and put them in the bowl and put the duckies in each compartment of the ice cube tray!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

rock painting!

we have been going to the arboretum a lot lately on the hunt for rocks!  it is one of our favorite activities to do in the warm weather and it is just my speed these days.  i love taking a stroll while looking for the painted rock treasures.  it has been a while since i have painted my own, and jarad has been putting bowie to bed the last few nights, in preparation for baby boy.  so i feel like i had some time to do something for myself before bed.  i got out my paint supplies and started painting and listened to my favorite music.  it was relaxing and fun and i sealed them in the morning and we hid them today.  here are my creations, and i even got jarad to do a rock (the tree and sun)!

water beads sensory bin!

i find myself waking up in the morning thinking about what kind of sensory bin or activity i will do with bowie that day.  i decided today was a good day for water beads!  so i put some in a salad bowl with water to grow for after nap play time.

i set up her bin with the water beads, ice cube tray, cookie cutters, silicone cupcake liners, plastic spatulas and spoons.  i just let her go for it.  no instruction necessary.  she immediately picked up some of the spoons and started to pour the beads into the ice cube tray while counting 1...2...3...

then she started to pretend to make cupcakes with them while singing happy birthday.  then came the squishing of the water beads.

i was hoping there might be a slim chance i could reuse them this week with something else, but that might be wishful thinking!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

ABC's and pom pom play!

here is a quick activity i set up for bowie the other day.  she has been really into alphabet letters, so i put magnetic letters on a cookie sheet and covered them all with pom poms.  i gave her a brush and some spoons to uncover the letters below.  then she loves to take all the pom poms and play with them in the muffin pan, we pretend to make cupcakes!

Monday, May 28, 2018

shadow lake bog...

doing some exploration in our own backyard.  visited the shadow lake bog today to wrap up our fun and relaxing holiday weekend. 

35 weeks!!!

physically this week hasn't been too bad for me.  i've learned the key to keeping my braxton hicks in line is to limit my activity level.  unfortunately that leaves me kinda bored and with the blues and feelings of guilt.  i feel guilty for spending so much time at home and that bowie is not getting out as much.  i have tried really hard to compensate with other activities, but we haven't seen much of our friends lately and i'm feeling kinda lonely.  but i also know that once the baby comes it won't get any easier (at least for the first few months).  thank goodness the weather is warming up and nice outside because this provides lots of outdoor play time in our own backyard, which has been a saving grace!  and i am loving our anti-gravity chairs!!!

you know shit is getting real when you start to pack your hospital bag and make padsciles for your postpartum recovery!!!  it is weird to tell people i am due in a month!!! 

sleep is getting harder and harder, maybe this is preparing me for what is to come.  but bowie is having a hard time napping and going down for bed, i chalk this up to her molars coming in.  and i can barely get comfortable at night.  i toss and turn and am up numerous times to go to the bathroom.  this little guy is putting so much pressure on my bladder, and the worst is when i am walking around and he kicks it, it will stop me dead in my tracks it is so uncomfortable.  this is particularly hard because i find myself sleeping in later in the morning.  i love the time in the morning to myself to be productive, have my coffee, and get ready for the day.  and with our long days, the sun is up and shinning very early, before 5:30am, so i feel bad sleeping when i should be taking advantage of my time better. 

i am getting more baby boy clothes this week that are being handed down to me, i am always excited to go through them!  as i was packing my hospital bag i realized that i don't have a single long sleeve onsie in a 0-3 month size!!!  luckily some of the clothes i am getting are in that size, as you can wear long sleeves all year round here.  but i have a ton of clothes in all sizes, far more than i ever had with bowie.  and when i get stuff, i go through it and share with another expecting mom.  but i am excited to pass along these clothes as we grow out of them.  no more kids, means we will be getting rid of things as we no longer need them, i am especially looking forward to getting rid of some of those larger bulky toys.

i feel like my appetite has been out of control this week.  i don't know if i am hungry so much as i have been bored?!?!?  but i wouldn't say these are typical pregnancy cravings, but my favorite go to's this week have been beef jerky and egg noodles with olive oil, parm and lots of broccoli!!!  i have single handedly eaten a whole costco size bag of broccoli in a matter of days!  i've also really been enjoying cut up apples.  i guess these are not the worst cravings, but i feel like i just look at food and gain weight these days.  my pregnancy apps say that i shouldn't be getting much bigger at this point, but i can't help but feel huge!  luckily i haven't had heartburn this week.

weight gain this week = 2 pounds
total weight gain = 17 pounds

 baby milestones...

~skeletal development is almost complete
~most babies are starting to position down into the pelvis at this point
~most of the development left is just growing bigger and stronger
~lungs still need a bit more time to develop
~about 19 inches long
~probably weighs 6 + pounds

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018

salt water state park!

i wanted to explore something new this weekend and the beach is a novelty up here.  our beaches are nothing like california beaches like i am used to.  they are rocky and have no waves.  there are a couple of state parks about 30 minutes from home that have "beaches" to explore.  so we went to salt water state park today and had a fun time looking at shells, taking a walk, having snacks and digging in the sand.  i think wilfred had the best time for sure and bowie did not like getting her feet wet or her clothes sandy.  it was a fun change of scenery!

Friday, May 25, 2018

happy friday!

yesterday was not my day...bowie woke up on the wrong side of the crib and everything from getting dressed, diaper changes and eating were a challenge for me.  this is not normal for her, but her molars are coming in and she is getting over a cold, so i know she is not feeling her best.  after over an hour of trying to get her dressed so we could go to the library, i gave up and we stayed at home.  jarad came home thursday afternoon to a teary eyed mama who was just burnt out!  he took her out thursday night and i was in a much better mood by the time they got home, but i was also determined to make friday a better day for all of us!  i have been sleeping terribly lately, so i am not getting much time to myself in the morning since i am sleeping in a bit later, but i did have enough time to enjoy my coffee, take a shower and get an activity ready for her!

the morning was much better and we went to mcdonalds for breakfast and the play place!  i met a nice mom there and i got to chat it up with her while bowie played.  i definitely felt lonely this week, we haven't seen our friends since we returned from california and since bowie was sick i had to cancel our plans, so it felt so nice to have some adult interaction with another local mom.  then we headed to the library where she got excited over lots of her favorite books (llama llama, teletubbies, tiny tickles and if you give a mouse a cookie).  then we tried some of their toddler computer games.  on our way out we spotted a painted rock, so we had to re-hid it and there is the perfect spot by the library.  we walked to the "gnome home" and hid the rock and she loved all the cute gnome statues.  by the time we got home it was nap time and jarad was home early, so we could run some errands and go out to dinner!

while this is just another typical day for us, it did remind me of some important lessons.  each day is a new day and go into it with a good attitude.  also, i was pushing her the day before to get out of the house, but she was happy playing at home.  i was trying to do some thing for her because i feel guilty not being as active, but i was causing my own stress.  she wanted to stay in her pajamas, play with her toys and stay at home, aren't we all entitled to feel that way some days???  so here is to a happy start of a holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

body crayons?

i've told you about my quest to find new and fun activities for bowie and i to do while i slow down in my pregnancy.  this was a favorite for my sister and i, so i ordered some face and body paint crayons from amazon so we could do some body painting.  i figured this would be a good indoor or outdoor activity.  i let bowie paint my belly and she enjoyed "painting" her nails with the crayons and drawing on her own belly and legs.  unfortunately these crayons will be going back as i didn't like the consistency of them and they didn't wash off so easy, but the activity was a real winner!!!  now i am on the hunt for a better quality body/face crayon! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

books books books!!!

i love that my girl loves books so much!  normally she does not discriminate when it comes to stories, but lately she has had some new and interesting favorites!  she has been loving "alice in wonderland" (which makes this mama thrilled - my fav!) she calls it the "tea party book."  and all books dr. seuss and anything alphabet related (chicka chicka boom boom and dr. seuss's ABC).  because of these books she is getting better at her ABC's!  she loves her books so much that they end up in her crib with her at nap time. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

74 and perfect!

today is a perfect 74 degrees, sunny and perfect!  i decided to not go to toddler time this morning and instead go to the garden department to get some tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, basil and mint and play outside!  bowie and i did 2 planters before this mama needed a break, then we had lunch outside and played in our new sand box and had popsicles!