Saturday, June 30, 2018

first bath at home!

ryder's belly button fell off after 6 days at home.  and it's taken us a while to get our bearings, so this is his first bath at home!  he seemed to like the warm water and smells so delicious!

invitation with craft sticks and clothes pins...

here is a simple and easy invitation to play.  i put some craft sticks and clothes pins on a tray and started securing the sticks together with the clothes pins.  interested to see what bowie thinks of this one?!?!?

sorry i forgot to video her, this one was fun but only lasted for about 15-20 minutes.  this is probably a little hard for her age, but it is great for fine motor skills and sorting.  she kinda got the hang of opening and closing the clothes pins, but instead of connecting them she lined up the pins on a single craft stick. 

ryder 1 week!

here are some pics of my sweet lil ryder over the last week! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

time management rules...

i think i have told you how my time management skills suck right now, but there are 2 rules i try to follow to keep me somewhat on track.  one applies to household chores and the other one applies to play time.

household rule - the 1 minute rule:
~you would be surprised what you can accomplish in a minute.  when things look overwhelming in the house take a minute to finish an easy task.  maybe it is putting laundry away, getting dishes in the dishwasher, starting a load of laundry, putting toys away, etc.  you get the idea.  finish these small goals and you be surprised at what gets done.  and if this works for you then you can up the time and make a 3 or 5 minute rule for yourself.

playtime rule - give them 10 minutes and they will give you an hour:
~this is wishful thinking...BUT, it is true.  if i prep an activity in the morning or night before i feel so much better prepared for the day.  it is like the dreaded question of "what's for dinner?"  sometimes just a little prep work for an activity or sensory bin for bowie can make a huge difference in the energy in the house.  as i have told you before not all my activities are total successes, but some of them are.  and some of them keep her busy for long periods of time.  so i try to think ahead and have one ready to go or at least some ideas in my back pocket.  and most of the time these activities don't take 10 minutes to set up!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

spray bottles!

do yourself a favor and stock up on spray bottles this summer!  bowie had fun playing with one at a friends house, so we got a couple at walmart the other day, i can see this being a dollar well spent! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

sea creatures and magnets...

this is one of bowie's favorite combos and she asks for it frequently.  she loves the magnetic wand and chips and putting the chips over the eyes of the sea creatures and pretending they are glasses as well as stacking the wooden toys.

since she loves the magnets so much i think i might get the assorted color chips which would make a fun treasure hunt and great for sorting.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

up-cycle box...

i've seen a lot of moms turn trash into toddler treasures.  for example using toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls to use as a game for pom poms, egg cartons for sorting small parts, plastic bottles for a "pouring station" or using food pouch lids for sorting and counting.  i thought i should start a box to collect some of these things to use in learning activities.

Monday, June 25, 2018

play-doh recipe...

one of the volunteers made fresh play-doh for toddler time and it was still warm.  it had a great consistency and looked like an easy recipe.  she left the recipe on the table and i took a pic to share...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

play time!

we are in the hospital waiting to come home and bowie is home with grandma!  these are the pics i get!  makes me happy to see my girl playing and enjoying her new big sister gift!

dinosaurs and dried beans...

sometimes simple is best, she loves the dried beans and dinosaurs bin.  she calls the beans "peanuts" and pretends to feed the large dinosaurs, hides the baby dinosaurs under the beans and pretends to put them down for naps. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

invitation to play with play-doh and pasta!

this is a quick and easy one!  play-doh on a tray with dried spaghetti noodles, lids from my upcycle box, a random block and i eventually added some cut straws to the mix!  she was busy making popsicles and hedgehogs!  winner!

meet the 3rd love of my life!!!

when i woke up friday june 22nd, it felt like any other day.  i was feeling a lot better from my strange virus and energized.  this was also supposed to be my induction date.  so i was anxious and excited for the phone call to see when i would be scheduled. i woke up and washed my hair and as my mom was getting bowie dressed for the day i felt my water leaking.  this went on for a few hours, but i wasn't overly concerned and i wasn't having contractions, so we did a little shopping and picked up some lunch.  i figured that i should put a call into the doctors office before they shut down for lunch time to confirm my induction.  they asked if i was having any symptoms and when i told them they said to head into labor and delivery to get evaluated.

so i finished packing my hospital bag and jarad rushed home from work.  we kissed bowie bye and headed to the hospital.  they confirmed i was leaking amniotic fluid and admitted me.  they said i was lucky my water was ruptured because the hospital was so full they would have postponed my induction.  i got my IV in place (after numerous tries) and was admitted to a birthing suite and started on pitocin.  i was 5 cm dilated.  then early evening the doctor popped my water and very shortly after i started to have intense contractions and things started to speed up quickly.  by around 9pm i wanted my epidural and luckily didn't have to wait at all for it.  and to my surprise my dad hopped a flight in and surprised us in the hospital.  we got a short visit in and the nurses kept repositioning me to get baby in right position.  in between all of this i would rest and around 1:30am the nurse came in and said "the doctor thinks you are ready to push."  i got so nervous and started shaking, the last time they had checked on me i was at 7cm and i didn't feel any different.  so they doctor came in and got ready and told me to push, and i did.  then his head was right there and they told me to stop because the babys nurse was not in the room yet.  i stopped and waited for the next contraction and then pushed once more and he was crying and plopped on my chest.  i remember being so overwhelmed and laughing and crying all at the same time.  i was also shocked that he came so quickly!

so meet ryder lee, 8 pounds 1.4 oz, 19.5 inches long, born at 1:54am on june 23, 2018!!!

these are pics of my belly on june 22, in the hospital, during labor and ryder's first moments in the is world and with family!


Friday, June 22, 2018

corn, lids & craft sticks...

this one couldn't be easier to set up and it held her attention for a while.  eventually i threw in some toilet paper rolls and she put the craft stick inside them, lined the craft sticks up and used the lids to pour corn kernels.