Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NEW activity closet!!!

i have been wanting to switch around our activity closet and our holiday decoration closet, and i finally got around to it.  my activity closet has grown a lot over the last few months and i was getting tired of crawling in there to grab what i need, and i go into this closet all day long!  i am really happy with this new set up and i have plenty of room to continue to add to our supplies!

stomach bug!

thank goodness bowie is better from the stomach flu, but now jarad, ryder and i all have it.  jarad and i are taking turns taking care of the kids and taking naps.  to say it sucks is an understatement and dealing with a newborn having it is scary.  luckily i think we are on the mend as it hit us hard the day before, but still feeling the effects.  bowie was so sweet to share her unicorn doll with ryder since he was not feeling well.  i love how he holds onto it. 

my sweet girl!

looking like such a big kiddo! 

Monday, July 30, 2018

monday blues!!!

unfortunately bowie has a case of the stomach flu and the rest of us are a bit under the weather and exhausted!  we had to cancel our plans for today and tomorrow until we get better.  so this is my morning...ugh!  and then to top it off, bowie tripped and bit her lip and daddy is home early from work not feeling well. 

invitation to bake!

bowie asked me to play with "happy birthday cake," so i got out her cupcake tin, cupcake liners and pom poms.  she had fun with this one.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


can't get enough of the cuteness!

importance of sensory play?!?!

sensory play, activity bins and small world play are a daily thing for us and bowie gets excited for each activity and they give me a break and some sanity.  this article comes from one of the blogs i follow and it explains the importance and benefits from this type of play.  give it a read here

Saturday, July 28, 2018

5 weeks!

this little guy is getting so big and strong and everyday and week that goes by he is looking different. 

flown in space!

having worked in aerospace for over 10 years, jarad has numerous mission patches that have been flown in space.  but this time his company allowed their employees to send a personal item to be flown.  this was right at the end of my pregnancy and i wish i got more creative with our selections, but i wanted to make sure we got to participate.  the contents have to fit in a very small bag, so we sent up bowie's beloved "space bear" and the 2 astronauts that came with their green toys rocket ship.  some of our friends sent up their wedding rings, which is a great idea!  i think if we get this opportunity again i will send up jarad's wedding band (which he does not wear since he has a tattoo) and that can be for ryder one day.  and i have a necklace that says "bowie rae" to be given to her.  we will get a certificate next week stating these items have been flown in space!  the video below is from the launch that these items were flown on.

Friday, July 27, 2018

multi-tasking mama!

these pictures may not look like much, but this is me learning how to multi-task with 2 kiddos!

i am sitting in the doorway of the bathroom while bowie takes a tubby time and i am folding laundry  while ryder naps in the bouncy seat.

and the day before we went grocery shopping (well clicklist pick up that is) but when we pulled into the driveway at home bowie clapped and said "mommy, we made it, yay!"  it certainly did feel like an accomplishment!

then there are days like this morning when bowie woke up early and both of them are crying at the same time, and this is before i have had a chance to go downstairs and get my coffee and get settled for the morning.  i am in a much better mood when i start my days with a shower and coffee BEFORE the kids get up.  TGIF right?!?!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

my helper!

bowie is a natural care giver and nurturer (like her mama), she has been a big help with ryder and helps give him a bottle and burping him.  if only i could teach her the diapers!  and look at that belly, he is getting so big and strong!  as my mom says i must be making cream for him to drink!  going on 5 weeks of exclusively breastfed.  for those of you who know my journey feeding bowie, you will know this is a proud accomplishment for me!

creative play!

i am in the process of moving my activity closet to a more convenient location and it has turned out to be a bigger project than i anticipated.  i have stuff laid out all over the dinning room table and play room floor.  bowie woke up to my mess and immediately started grabbing stuff from the activity closet.  she ended up with a interesting combo; egg carton, craft sticks, clothes pins, wooden bowl and sea creatures.  and of course she asked for me to grab her stacking cups.  she sat at the kitchen table and put it all together!  love watching her imagination at work!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


he is just starting to get longer and thicker lashes, they are coming in long and light!

first day alone!

after almost six weeks of family here to help and visit with bowie and ryder, we are on our own for the first time!  of course ryder has had me up non-stop the last few nights and everyone needs mom at the same time, but having our "activities" easily accessible is a life saver.  i pulled out bugs, rainbow pebbes and beans for bowie to play with while i fed ryder.  it bought me a good 30 minutes!

back at it...

this pour station has been outside for over a month now and it is still as popular as ever!  this is good clean fun!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

library haul...

went to the library today and we came back with a ton of books! 

i think it is important to seek out books that correspond to lessons or things we are learning at home.  we have been doing a lot of counting, so i got 4 books on counting.  bowie is also really into dinosaurs lately, so one of her counting books is a dinosaur one and we also got a cute book called "dinosaur farm."  as well as a couple of other books by some of our favorite authors, and one for me called "boundaries." 

mud kitchen!

is it too early to start thinking about next summer?  well, bowie's pour station has been such a big hit this summer, i have big plans for jarad to build her a "mud kitchen" for next summer!  basically a work station for her with some basins.  i think she would LOVE it!  here are my inspirations...

Monday, July 23, 2018


someone got into papa's swim bag!

monday blues...

every monday when jarad goes to work, i get a case of the monday blues too.  but this weather is so beautiful that we cure it by playing outside!  bowie washed her duckies, played with her pour station and helped water the plants. 

and this little one is hanging out while i pump and he is looking so big to me.  he is feeling heavier and his face is fuller and he seems to be changing everyday.


i have been wanting to try this stuff for a while now and finally got around to doing it.  it is called "oobleck" and gets its funny name from a dr. seuss book.  it is super cool, it feels firm to the touch when on a flat surface and you can mold it, but when you let go it turns into a liquid type form.  it is very easy to make 2 parts corn starch to 1 part water (food coloring optional).  i put some out for bowie on a tray with tools and i thought she would love it.  to my surprise she did not like the mess it made on her hands and was not that into it.  she would play for a few minutes and then want me to wash her hands.  eventually she asked for me to set up a new activity for her and that she wanted me to give her friend the "oobleck" to play with instead. 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

sunday funday!

went into issaquah to try a new restaurant called XXX rootbeer.  my father in law loves rootbeer and this place is supposed to be very popular!  it did not disappoint!

then on the way home we had to pull over to feed this little washington baby!

happy birthday daddy!

happy birthday to the ultimate family guy!  we love you beyond words!

wishing you a fun filled day with a great golf score, good food, cake and of course the ones who love you the most!


Saturday, July 21, 2018

date night!

jarad and i got to sneak out for a quick drink and dinner at our favorite gastropub in issaquah.  poutine, a manhattan and my handsome husband make this mama happy!

4 weeks!

it's only been 4 short weeks, but somehow it seems as though i have loved you forever!  this little guy is sweet and mellow and a great eater!  very alert and loves his activity mat.  he has big eyes and the cutest pointy chin.  he enjoys bath time, snuggles and spends a lot of time "milk drunk."  he loves to be held and doesn't give up the burps easily.  it's impossible not to fall in love.