Sunday, July 8, 2018

out with the old and in with the new...

i guess when you have more than 1 kid and lots of visitors your car instantly becomes too small.  we knew this day would come and we have been throwing around a bunch of ideas and options, but the time has come for a minivan.  i am so sad to trade my car in, but this makes more sense for us.  and within a year jarad will get a new truck and we will get a trailer!

good bye hyundai, you have been good to us!

hello kia


  1. They kind of look similar, the Kia is just a little longer and way cooler. When Jarad said he was a van kind of guy, bet you didn’t invision a mini van kind of guy😬

  2. Jarad has a million watt smile in the car!!!

  3. he is in heaven in this car. never in a million years would i think this is his dream car