Tuesday, July 10, 2018

pour station!

in addition to my up-cycle box i have been saving bottles and containers to create a pouring station for bowie.  we have had some beautiful weather so i thought this would be a perfect time to bust it out!  i put her little tykes table outside with her large sensory bin filled halfway with water.  then i added all my bottles and some spoons to it and let her go nuts!  but for extra fun i used the crayola color bath tabs to dye the water.  i am sure you could use food coloring, but i don't have any experience with how the stains wash out.  she played with this for 2 hours!!!  then came back to it after her nap and again before dinner time and again the next morning!  to say this was a big hit is an understatement!


  1. Bowie loved this! A chemist or bartender in the making. I'll be saving my plastic vinegar bottles.

  2. yes, some bottles are more fun than others!